Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Vogue's Cynthia Smith's Jewelry Styling

I literally live for Vogue's Five Days Five Looks One Girl posts. Basically what they are is this; every once in a while, (I think they are posting them every month, but I haven't checked yet) vogue.com posts an article in which one of their editors, fashion assistants, ect. are followed for five days by a photographer and photographed. Well, at least what they're wearing is. Then, once all the photos are in one place, the special woman in question goes back and talks about the story of each part of her five outfits in detail. After reading the latest one here, I was immediately struck with the idea of showcasing some of the jewelry that was photographed. Ever since I started reading these posts, I have noticed the great way the Vogue girls assemble their outfits, particularly their jewelry, which really catches my eye in terms of beauty and styling quality. Here, Cynthia Smith, Vogue Fashion Associate, stars in this arrangement of jewelry looks.

"I love stacking beachy bracelets by Dezso by Sara Beltrán, Dana Rebecca, and Carolina Bucci with my classic Hermès watch.  These Maggy Frances gingham shorts caught my eye on Dree Hemingway in the In Our Times story in our June issue—that shoot practically inspired my entire Nantucket wardrobe."

"I always wear my Nantucket Conservation pendant necklace (the profits help preserve and protect the untouched areas of the island) layered with these delicate Gigi Clozeau and Garland Collection necklaces.  Of course, you can never have too many basic T-shirts.  My favorite for summer are by Splendid."

"I had this Arman evil eye necklace on my wish list for quite some time.  I love how the beautiful dark and light blue sapphires mirror the hues in my dress."

"The Dezso by Sara Beltrán shell bracelets and Dana Rebecca gold bangles are perfect for everything from beach days to cocktails at night."

"One of my favorite brands is Maiyet, who recently had a beautiful trunk show at Gypsy (my favorite shop on the island).  There, I learned about Maiyet’s mission and picked up these champagne rose-cut diamond bangles.  Crafted by hand in Jaipur, their traditional Indian look makes them versatile enough to wear with jeans or at a black-tie affair back in the city."

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