Thursday, May 31, 2012

Lancome Rose Stem Cell Anti-Aging Cream

If you have looked at the title, you probably are wondering why I am doing an article on an anti-aging cream when I myself don't need it at all. I read about this cream and it has an interesting history that some of you might be interested in. It was created by the international company, Lancome, from the brands official Lancome Rose. The cream is designed to create glowing, healthy skin after 11 weeks of usage.

  Lancome has bred it's own rose. This hot pink rose (that can be smelled from a yard away) consists of a cross of more than 2,000 different species of this delicate flower. Between a number of 35 - 40 thick, shiny petals, the rose it has a very long, cylinder shaped bud. Created in 1973 by a man named Delbard, the rose was originally meant as a perfume source, scientists studied it's cells and discovered that the Stem cells provided miraculous anti-aging results.  

After some experiments with these cells, a cream was created, containing 2,000,000 cells from the Lancome Rose. This cream has already been tried out by some women and they state that the cream has given them wonderful wrinkle erasing. The packaging is a gold colored interior accented with the black. 
The cream will sell at a hefty price of about $350 and will be released in Lancome stores tomorrow on June 1st. 

Snow White And The Huntsman Limited Edition Nail Polish

 In case you don't know, that music video I showed you guys was from this movie that comes out on June 1, Snow White and The Huntsman. To add to the excitement of the premiere, nail guru  Deborah Lippmann has created a limited edition mini-line of nail polishes. There are two in the line, one representing Snow White, (Played by Kristen Stewart), and the other representing the Evil Queen. ( Played by Charlize Theron ) If you like to look of these nail polishes, you can get them for $25 on the same day as the Movie's premier.
Nail Polish Packaging. The Packaging of the set is based on the Dark Forest.

Prelude to a Kiss
Light pink to represent good.

Dark Side of The Moon
Deep purple to represent evil.

Visit Debora's Site on June 1st to buy these polishes or other nail polish.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Kate Moss At The Ritz Paris

I don't know if you guys have seen this yet, but in March Vogue had a Haute Couture Photoshoot at the Ritz Paris. I found these photos a couple of months ago while on, and I thought today I might do an Archive post.
 The Ritz displays exceptional glamour and it is closing this Summer for renovations that will take over two years to complete. Kate Moss posed for the shoot, and I love every one of these pictures. I have posted them all here along with a caption on what I particularly love about each one.
Love these puppies! I like those heels too. This picture largely reminds me of the age of Marie Antoinette - This shade of blue was one of her favorite colors to wear.

I think that this dress is perfect for the warm weather in a stylish but practical way. That dusty pink is great. This bathroom is so feminine, with the bubbly pink bath and the towels it just creates a girly feel to the whole photograph.

This is one of my favorite pictures from the entire shoot. Love the black outfit - the Chanel boxes are great for the setting. I get a wonderful carefree feeling when I look at this photograph. This is also one of my favorite bedrooms in the entire hotel. 

This is so regal! I love that dress, the perfect ball-dress to catch the eye of everyone in the room. I love how she is mirroring the portrait behind her.

This photo is wonderful. Kate really radiates a mysterious feeling whenever she is posing for any photographer. The crystal theme really sets the photo off from the rest of the pictures in a unique way. 

This is such a commanding pose. The majesty of her dress and the scene gives the viewer the message: ''Look at me.'' Like anyone can't!

This is the perfect scene. The maids give the impression of great wealth and class, while the dress gives us a unique experience. 

This whole photoshoot really reminds me of Marie Antoinette, but this last picture really shows that resemblance. The bed, like others in the Ritz, is similar to those of the palace Versailles, particularly the bedroom of the last Queen herself. I love those dresses. They display bygone majesty as well as a modern twist.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Favorite Paris Fall 2012 Fashion Week Street Looks

 Paris Fall Fashion Week started a couple of days ago, and I was just going over my favorite looks that all the visiting fashion people were wearing. I picked out my top favorites and I thought I might share them with you.
What I liked about this outfit was the casual look it had to it. I like wearing dark blue, and the gold accents really set the outfit off.

At The Louis Vuitton Show
I think this is a really great outfit for Spring. Love the heels too. The tan pants are also a great way to set of that wonderfully sunny top.

Christopher Kane clutch and Louis Vuitton pumps 
I love this outfit so much! It is the perfect girly outfit with just a dark, navy color paired with that violet pink. Louis Vuitton Makes great shoes perfect for an outfit like this.

The hing I like in this outfit is that green sweater. I love a good sweater, especially in that beautifull green color.

Niels Peeraer cuffs and bag
I just love this bag so much! It is such a beautiful pink and the trimming are beautiful. The cuffs accent the bag really well.

This is the kind of outfit thats makes me say - ''Hello Winter!'' Even though it is the start of Summer.

Christian Dior Dresses
I love this neon color paired with that black bag and belt. I love anything Dior because of it's vintage feeling.

At the Christian Dior Show
I love a classic, light colored outfit. The cream-colored jacket is great with almost anything, including that brown dress you can see underneath it.

Christian Dior Dress
This color really goes with that silvery gray purse, and I love the pattern of the dress also.

Mason Michell Hat
Love the chic black hat! Both casual and sophisticated.

Dries Van Noten jacket
I just adore this jacket! It is such a unique pattern and it can go really well with a light-colored top underneath.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Collections - Favorites From Valentino Fall 2012

 I thought I might do a second Valenino Favorites Post today. I really like Valentino, and, like other collections, I really enjoy picking out my favorite pieces. Like other Fall 2012 Collections, this collection had a lot of leather and black in it, but it had some other colors in it's palette too.
 I loved the coat dresses in the collection, especially the first one just below. Coat dresses have been worn by many people recently, and they add a great personality to an outfit.
This is a really rugged, interesting outfit that really shows a lot of personality. I loved that bag and the shoes. Black is a really nice color that really can make a statement.

I really liked this coat too, the collar is very interesting. The shoes are, as in the rest of the collection, exactly the same design. The only difference is the color. I like the pants too, they look like the would go great with almost anything.

The coat on this model is almost of the same design as the previous - same front. The only differences that I can see is - different collar, cuffs, and length. The pants are really casual looking, though I wouldn't wear those as often as other pieces in the collection.

This dress is feminine, everything from the frothy lace to the becoming shape. It is modest but at the same time it shows some personality that I admire.

This dress is the kind I like - a dress that can switch from casual daytime to formal night. I love the sleeveless look.

This dress is another dress I'd say can switch from day to night. The waist and sleeves are very nice, as is the black purse.

This white piece is another one that interests me. I love the collar and the balloon sleeves.

This dress is wonderful, not quite black, not quite gray. It can really display feminine beauty because, being not fully black, it gives it an exquisite effect. The purse and shoes really gives it a nice contrast.

I love the skirt with the top here, the turquoise really goes with the bronze shade of the skirt. I appreciate the gold flecks on the top. It ties the whole thing together.

This, again, is a very nice, feminine dress that really goes with a pink girl. I love the lace, see through hem.

This is one of the formal assembles in the collection. I love the exotic feel to it, the lace, bright crystals, everything goes together in here.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Skylark By Elle And Blair Fowler

 Youtube stars Elle ( allthatglitters21) and Blair Fowler (juicystar07) have spent years in the spotlight. Sharing their knowledge of beauty and fashion with girls all over the globe. Now, they have revealed their very own makeup line. Today, I am going to show you some of their very first products, as well as some of their inspiration for the line.

 The names of their first products, twin lip-glosses, are names after two main characters in their upcoming book, ''Beneath The Glitter'', Sophia and Ava. Although the novel and the line have yet to be launched, Elle and Blair have revealed certain details about them.
The Novel's Cover, first revealed by Blair on her Youtube Channel. 
 Elle revealed, ''I've always been a huge reader. Growing up, reading was very much a part of my life, and I've always enjoyed writing. A novel was a dream for me, and I'm so exited it's becoming a reality.''

 On their lip-glosses, they both revealed that both the products were meant to reflect the characters' personalities. For the older sister, Sophia, they conjured a dark reddish gloss to reflect the character's more serious personality.
The Sophia lip-gloss.
 When making the other gloss, named Ava, they went for a more carefree, more casual shade of pink to again replicate personality.
The Ava lip-gloss.
 The line will launch on in September. I will try and buy a product as soon as they are out! Blush offers free shipping to all U.S. residents and ships internationally.


Sunday, May 13, 2012

My Daily Acne Routine

 Hey Everyone! So today I decided to do a long - awaited for post - my everyday acne products. So in my previous website, Geek to Chic, I posted an article on how to keep clear, acne - free skin. I shared the basics - wash your face every day, sleep on a clean pillowcase, you know, the stuff you can do without acne products.
 I did mention that I did have a daily acne care routine, a bunch of acne products, and I remember I said I would tell you about my products in a later post. So here it is.
 I have gone through a lot of products lately, and I just am going to go through all of them and name my favorites and daily ones.
 Just to organize this, I'm going to start with my daily routine products. I have three and I use them every evening and (I try) every morning.

This is my Face Wash from this company called Thursday Plantation. I use it, like I said, for my daily routine. It is like this clear, watery gel that reminds me a lot of a clear shampoo, except it is for the face. It really gives my face a really thorough cleansing and if I don't have time I can easily just use it by itself.

I use this for an after-wash treatment that really helps take out any acne or other skin - annoyances. It is pretty strong so I just put a thin layer on as a 'daily' treatment. It is from a company called Nelson's that's been around for quite a while now.

This is my last step in my daily acne routine. It isn't my 'main' formula, it is more like a moisturizer than an acne help. Of-course, it says it is a moisturizer right on the bottle, but anyway, I love it and I use it all over my face for my daily routine. 

This was on of my first acne products I bought, but sadly they don't sell it any more. I got it from Thursday Plantation and it is like this roll-on liquid substance that is meant for application right on the acne, not like an all-over-face treatment.
This product, from Burt's Bees is a very recent one that I got as a gift. ( I know right? It is pretty unusual to get an acne product as a gift! ) Well anyway, they give you a really small amount and it is meant to be applied straight on the spot you want to treat - not as a prevention formula but as an actual treatment.

This is my facial scrub from Kiss My Face, and I must say, I am so in love with it right now! It is just such a nice product to have. You probably have already read my review on it on my Google Plus profile.

This is actually a full treatment kit that has a cleansing, treatment, and toner all in one kit. It is from Nature's Gate and I actually haven't tried it yet but as soon as I get to, I will blog about it. 

 So that's all of my acne products. I have six now, and I just don't have one that I don't like! I love them all, I use them all, (except for the last one that I haven't opened yet) and they are all from all-natural brands. I highly recommend each of these products and I am interested in what you have to say about them!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

What Do You Think of Taylor's Street Look?

  Recently Taylor was spotted out in Beverly Hills, California, wearing this super-cute outfit. She isn't someone who wears pants that often but this dress is just gorgeous! It is a perfect, casual outfit that is fantastic for Spring and she paired it very well with those cute pumps and that tan hand-bag. The sunglasses also add a nice accent to the outfit, although they might have been meant to keep her from getting noticed.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Miranda Cosgrove Teen Vogue Cover

 Hey Everyone! I just revealed my other article about Larenim, (scroll down to see it) and while I was on my computer I decided to check Teen Vogue for a new Cover. When I saw they had revealed it, I started working on this article right away. So now I have given you guys two articles in the same day - totally unexpected!
  Teen Vogue has revealed it's Cover for next month and I'm so exited! As you guys know, I love Teen Vogue and lately have been checking on their site for a new article. I loved this shoot - partly because of the beach setting. It is such a great break from the other, Spring type issues we have seen so far this year.

Miranda wears a J.W. Anderson dress. Delfina Delettrez necklace.   

Miranda has on Miu Miu dress. Edun tank, $198. Jil Sander Navy shoes, $250.

Miranda wears  Versus dress. Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci necklace. Dezso by Sara Beltrán multicolored bracelet, $100. Pura Vida bracelet, $5

She is wearing a Peter Pilotto dress, Louis, Boston. 3.1 Phillip Lim sandals, $395.

In a Giulietta top, $275. Céline sunglasses, $325. 

Here is my favorite look. She wears this DKNY dress (customized for Teen Vogue), $335. Blumarine necklace.

Teen Vogue also featured a list of products they used for the Cover Look. I recommend them for a fresh, summery look. I haven't tried them yet so I can't say much about them but I can trust Teen Vogue in finding something good.
NEUTROGENA Healthy Volume Mascara in Black.

NEUTROGENA Healthy Skin Liquid Makeup in Classic Ivory.
NEUTROGENA MoistureShine Gloss in Pure Cider. 
NEUTROGENA Nourishing Eye Quad in Butter Crème.

NEUTROGENA Healthy Skin Custom Glow Bronzer in Sunrise Glow.