Saturday, July 21, 2012

Valentino Fall 2012 Couture Favoites

I love the intricate pattern on this jumpsuit. The navy blue, emerald, and metallic finishes really make this a unique piece.

I love Royal Blue, and with this spectacular cut and pattern, that liking is multiplied. I have always loved maxi and goddess-kind of dresses, and I think that this is a definite favorite.

Love this. I think that this is the kind of dress that looks glamorous with seemingly no effort from the girl. I love that neckline and the embroidered patterns - especially the sheer look.

This is the kind of dress that reminds me of a vintage photo shoot. It looks slightly aged but it still looks good on. I love flowers, and it is always wonderful to see them on the runway.

I love black, and the flower embroidery adds definition to that black. This is the sort of dress that it simple but elegant in a way you sometimes may not expect. The design makes sure of that.

I love a wrapped feel in a dress, and this dusty pink dress really radiates a positive feeling towards that. It really adds a presence when you have flowers on a dress like that.

I love this short dress, and with the gold and black bodice, paired with that slit on the skirt, I think it is really irresistible. I like how instead of just leaving a plain skirt, the team made it look more unique with that slit a little up the skirt.

I think the blue and black of this dress go together very well, and with a high neck, balloon sleeves, and the length, this is a dress I really appreciate.Topped off with a waist.

I love v-necks, and as I also said before, dark blues. Sometimes a length like that adds both modesty and a state of elegance to a dress like this one.

The only red velvet dress in the collection, I think it deserves some attention! It is simple but chic, long-sleeved but with a touch of flashy.

Not everyone can pull off yellow very easily, but with silver, I think this can be a dress for everyone. I like that 'nicely' folded slit, for this dress, it is better than just a ordinary cut slit.

Another red dress, this one a touch more dramatic than the velvet one. Sheer, with pleats all over the bottom of the skirt. And sleeves. A really dramatic dress in both modern and a last-century way.

Dark blue and embroidered with a darker blue thread, visible through sheer cloth and accented by a fluttering cape. Love this dress!

If you have read ''Little Women'' or seen the movie, you would probably recognize this dress as the type that the older girls would dress in for a party. This dress would not be formal without that embroidery all over it.

As the grand finale of the show, this dress really deserved the attention. No other dress in the collection has a cut-out pattern, much less one from the top to the bottom. I think this reminds me in particular of ''Snow White and The Huntsman''. It has the same look, but it is still quite different.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Review - Kiss My Face Lip Shimmer In Ruby

 I recently tried this new lip product that I really loved and I decided that it would be great to do a review on it for you all. So if you look at the picture below, you might think that it is like a red shade. But, here is were it gets interesting. I also thought it was a pretty dark shade, but when I tried it, I realized it was really sheer, but it still had some great color. I loved how it was just so faint it looked like I wasn't wearing anything on my lips.
 I guess if you use it you can wear it for a lip-balm even, it is just so amazingly moisturizing. This is a really good product to carry with you for reapplication because of how small and compact it is. It can easily fit inside a clutch or any other kind of handbag with utmost ease. Kiss My Face is a great brand with all natural products that work great with your skin. Now this is a product you can trust!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Versace Fall Couture Favorites

 So I think this is the first time I have done a review on Versace, as I usually stick to Valentino reviews, but I just looked at the Versace Couture collection and I decided that I just had to do a post on the collection. Although it is Fall Couture. I think that many of these pieces would do great for Summer! But anyway, this show has topped my favorites list for Fall Couture.

Gold, pink, and white. Perfect combination. Although the first piece in the show. It totally is one of the highlights. Love the sleeves too, not to mention the length. Casual but classy at the same instant.

Now, imagine you walked into a black tie wearing this! Totally attention worthy, right? Although one of the only white dresses in the collection, it is also one of the flashiest, amazing these days for a white dress.

Love this dress! This is just so stylish. Tight on the bodice, look down, you seen a flaring skirt. I also love the neckline, it goes very well with the high slit.

This dress is similar in cut and pattern to the other dress before this one. Though, if you look again, you can see that the slit is not so high, the dress is sleeveless. Like how that color goes so well with the entire pattern of this garment. The hair down like that goes well with this outfit especially.

The cloth is the same as in the dress before this one, only it displays a totally different character. It has a slightly different neckline, and the skirt is very short - almost a mini. And the bodice is slightly tighter than the previous dress.

Aqua blue and ocean-like form. This dress reminds me of tropical fish and underwater gardens of coral. The neckline adds to that effect.

Slightly similar to that other 'ocean' dress. The shade is turquoise though, and you can see the gold trim on the belt. I love the off-the-shoulder look. I think there is a side slit too, I am not positive though, with this picture.

I admire that mauve shade to the dress. The beading is spectacular, adding to the delicate feel of this creation. I love the bodice and the neckline, really adds a beautiful touch.

This dress, too, is delicate. I have always loved that tanned, nude color. The beading on this, too, is spectacular. The belt gives it just the right cinched in look. 

If I could have one pink dress I wanted, this would top the list. Shimmering bodice with chiffon skirt makes it a very stylish dress. I love halter dresses, especially ones that display some unique elegance.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Paris Fall 2012 Couture Fashion Week Street Style

So this is one of those articles I promised you guys when I wrote my Fall Couture article. If you have read my previous Fashion Week Street Style post, you will see that the designs here are slightly different, due to fashions going in and out.

                                                                      Ulyana Sergeenko Dress
I love how this dress is edgy, but at the same time displaying some feminine quality to it. I just love those sleeves.

                        Opening Ceremony Dress, Balenciga Shoes, and Olympia Le Tan Clutch
I think this essemble is a big favorite of mine from this selection here. I often dress in grays, blacks, and whites when I feel more calm or gothic sometimes! 

                                         Natuka Dress paired with Jil Sander Clutch
 I love that dress and that bob. It looks great but effortless, not a single hair that is out of place.

Here, I think that Karlie Kloss has really put together a spectacular outfit for casual street wear. I love this outfit, everything from the top to the shorts to the belt to the shoes.

                                         Jason Wu Dress and Rag and Bone Bag
 I love this dress, it makes such a wonderful statement, with it's cool grays and pasty whites, it allows a chance for red lipstick.

Friday, July 6, 2012

At Last! Fall Couture Is Here!

  You probably are wondering why I haven't published some posts in the last two weeks or so. I have been in the Smoky Mountains so I didn't have a lot of internet access, and I couldn't go on and blog. So I came back from my vacation and, naturally, since I had not been on the internet for quite a while, as soon as I was done unpacking, I set off to scour my regular favorite fashion websites. I was so excited to discover that Fall Couture Paris had been revealed, and I checked out the collections of my favorite designing houses right away. 
I just wanted to give you guys a kind of sneak peek at some of my favorite couture creations, because I will be doing some favorites posts on some of my favorite designers, and also the Fashion Week Street Looks. So feel free to scroll below to check out some of the pieces.

Chanel Couture

Versace Couture

Christian Dior Couture

                                                      Jean Paul Gaultier Couture