Monday, July 16, 2012

Versace Fall Couture Favorites

 So I think this is the first time I have done a review on Versace, as I usually stick to Valentino reviews, but I just looked at the Versace Couture collection and I decided that I just had to do a post on the collection. Although it is Fall Couture. I think that many of these pieces would do great for Summer! But anyway, this show has topped my favorites list for Fall Couture.

Gold, pink, and white. Perfect combination. Although the first piece in the show. It totally is one of the highlights. Love the sleeves too, not to mention the length. Casual but classy at the same instant.

Now, imagine you walked into a black tie wearing this! Totally attention worthy, right? Although one of the only white dresses in the collection, it is also one of the flashiest, amazing these days for a white dress.

Love this dress! This is just so stylish. Tight on the bodice, look down, you seen a flaring skirt. I also love the neckline, it goes very well with the high slit.

This dress is similar in cut and pattern to the other dress before this one. Though, if you look again, you can see that the slit is not so high, the dress is sleeveless. Like how that color goes so well with the entire pattern of this garment. The hair down like that goes well with this outfit especially.

The cloth is the same as in the dress before this one, only it displays a totally different character. It has a slightly different neckline, and the skirt is very short - almost a mini. And the bodice is slightly tighter than the previous dress.

Aqua blue and ocean-like form. This dress reminds me of tropical fish and underwater gardens of coral. The neckline adds to that effect.

Slightly similar to that other 'ocean' dress. The shade is turquoise though, and you can see the gold trim on the belt. I love the off-the-shoulder look. I think there is a side slit too, I am not positive though, with this picture.

I admire that mauve shade to the dress. The beading is spectacular, adding to the delicate feel of this creation. I love the bodice and the neckline, really adds a beautiful touch.

This dress, too, is delicate. I have always loved that tanned, nude color. The beading on this, too, is spectacular. The belt gives it just the right cinched in look. 

If I could have one pink dress I wanted, this would top the list. Shimmering bodice with chiffon skirt makes it a very stylish dress. I love halter dresses, especially ones that display some unique elegance.

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