Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Review - Kiss My Face Lip Shimmer In Ruby

 I recently tried this new lip product that I really loved and I decided that it would be great to do a review on it for you all. So if you look at the picture below, you might think that it is like a red shade. But, here is were it gets interesting. I also thought it was a pretty dark shade, but when I tried it, I realized it was really sheer, but it still had some great color. I loved how it was just so faint it looked like I wasn't wearing anything on my lips.
 I guess if you use it you can wear it for a lip-balm even, it is just so amazingly moisturizing. This is a really good product to carry with you for reapplication because of how small and compact it is. It can easily fit inside a clutch or any other kind of handbag with utmost ease. Kiss My Face is a great brand with all natural products that work great with your skin. Now this is a product you can trust!

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