Sunday, September 30, 2012

Paris Fashion Week Spring 2013 Street Style Part 1

 I usually do posts about Paris Fashion Week Street Style after it is over but this time I thought I might do several during. So enjoy Part 1.
Chanel Bag
I just am really envious of this outfit, especially of that Chanel.
Kristen Stewart at Balenciaga.
What really intrigued me about this picture was the casual snap of the photograph. How it caught Kristen in a split second pose, I really like it.

Anne-Catherine Frey

I love everything about this photograph - the scene, makeup, and clothes. I guess you would call it a dreamy picture.
Dior Bag
If you looked at my Dior Resort Favorites post, you probably remember what I said about the Dior bags. How they have these charms with the letters spelling out DIOR.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

What Did She Wear? Kiera Knightley Anna Karenina London Premiere

I was very interested in this photo of Kiera Knightley at the London premier of her new film, Anna Karenina. The book is one of my favorites (I know, might be a little weird) and I was very pleased to find out that she was playing Anna in the movie.

Vogue Daily — Chanel

She wore this beauty of Chanel with perfect classical elegance,  looks so fresh and radiant - skin glowing, eyes beautiful, a perfect vision in it. She is very different from the other celebrities you see walking the red carpet, like I said she is classical, and she knows how to get the attention of her audience. A wonderful quality to have.

What Did She Wear? Emma Stone At The Calvin Klein Show

 It is typical to wear the designer's clothing when going to the show, as did Emma Stone. I loved her chic, stylishly put together essemble, every stitch from Calvin Klein's Collection. The short dress, the nude clutch, even the yellow and black high-heeled shoes had a special part in this look. Her outfit was both causal and put together at the same time, perfect for a runway show. (Note that her hair was left down, contributing to her relaxed look.)

Friday, September 21, 2012

Meadham Kirchhoff In Shoes, Bracelets, and Gloves Spring 2013 RTW

 The reason why I didn't just do a favorites post instead of a post like this one is because I didn't really like the clothes shown at the Meadham Kirchhoff show, a little too flashy for my taste, if you know what I mean. What I did like was the accessories. I chose six different photos of the different accessories shown by the models, the different category shown in the title above.

I loved this crystal encrusted bracelet the moment I saw it. Red and white where arranged in a flower and a star to make up this creation.
Let me stress that I would not wear this, ever, but let me also say to you that it looks too good to not write about here. It reminds me of some 18th century inspired type of shoe. The classic, embroidered blue with gaudy bows set onto it as decoration.
I think that this glittery glove would probably have been part of a concert costume for some great musical artist of the 1990s. Maybe Michael Jackson or even Madonna would wear it to sing one of their number one hits.
A simpler, but still flash/bedazzled heel. The main color is a standard, office style blue and gray while the heel is neon yellow lace and the buckle is a mix of blue and white crystals.
A lot like the buckle on that last heel, this bracelet has a layered quality. Also notice the big , white crystal in the top center.
Last but not least, my favorite bracelet/cuff in the collection. Pearl with crystal arranged, making the effect look a lot like a under sea shell. I am thinking of those tropical coral reefs match this bracelet.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Favorites From Oscar de la Renta Spring 2013 RTW

 In his latest collection, Oscar de la Renta put togther a dazzling array of his speciality - beautiful clothes. I loved his lacy theme and stylish patterns.

One of the first in the show, this suit was simple but still beautiful. It is the perfect causal chic look for a feminine, girly day.
I liked the slight metallic accent this outfit had. It is slightly vintage, too. Wonderful thought to imagine walking down the street in some high-town area wearing that.
This piece is slightly Victorian. The lace on the jacket really brings back that era of feminine luxuries. It is nice how the skirt doesn't upstage the jacket in any way. It is of a plain cloth, simple, except for the slit that is ever present on the Runways this season.
I appreciate how this is colorful but still a bit subtle. The skirt is neither black nor white, but a patchwork pattern of the two. The sweater is something that would be perfect for even Fall, with it's golden yellow tone.
I love the delicate motifs on this.  The turquoise is just visible from underneath the gray lace and the also turquoise belt gives off a wonderful accent to the whole thing.
This short piece gives me a feeling that I am looking at a kind of peony., the way the cloth is bunched up makes the viewer think she is looking at a flower.
Thought I might do some double work when I chose this photo. The last dress, worn by Karlie Kloss, really captured my attention. So I thought I might include it with the designer. 

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Favorites From Marchesa Spring 2013 RTW

 Keren Craig and Georgina Chapman have always made their brand's clothing with an exotic, vintage feeling to the pieces. Southern Asian, to be exact. I loved this season's collection for it's Indian feel, complete with beading and Sari-Styled wrapping. 
This color is beautiful, the cloth woven in a sort of drapery style, delicate beading  accenting the look and providing some old-time classical feel to this effect.
I am not a person who usually likes orange. I would never wear the color, especially a bright shade like this one. For this creation, however, I had to make an exception. The loose, gauzy fabric pinched in at the waist with am array of glittering bedazzles just score a pass to this post.
Pink, signature color for the House of Marchesa. Made even classier with the bare leg and decorative motives. This is one piece in the collection that really looks like an actual sari, save for the slit.
One of the very few non-sparkly pieces in the collection, this dress is very different from the others. With the standard white and pink palette, it is simple yet it still holds on to that Marchesa quality.
This would be an interesting dress to wear to a black tie party. It is short, so it would be perfect for a girl. It kind of reminds me of some oriental sweet or chocolate candy. The wrapper.
I have always loved the off-the-shoulder type of dresses. (My Mom wore one for her wedding) This one is beautiful, red and silver, all wrapped around.
You know those olden-types of armor? This dress really reminds me of a sort of feminine suit of armor, like the sort a Greek goddess would wear. It is all burgundy and gold - beautiful.
This dress is simple but it still has the gold and silver trimmings that make up most of the dresses in this show. I like that one bare shoulder, casual but still it is classy.
This dress is simply lovely, brilliant blue chiffon, the metallic quality visible in obvious parts of the bodice. The way how it was made to look more standard in one area but light and flowing in the skirt is wonderful too.
As I have said before, I love gray. This particular dress shows that delicate personality gray can have when tailored properly. This piece appears to be in two parts until you see that scarf that ties the entire thing together into one. 
As can be seen, the undergarment is kind of like a gold pantsuit. It is simply lovely how the blue cloth wraps around it all to cover it but leaves enough of the gold showing to give the result some more layering.
This is just perfect, sleeveless, blue with gold embroidered so that it looks like a golden vine is growing into the folds of the skirt. It also has layers, steering away from a standard silhouette.

Delicate, white with a touch of jewels glittering. Shimmery gold peeping out from the soft layer of tulle. Like a cloud, spun from shimmering puffs. The perfect, dreamlike finale.

Friday, September 14, 2012

What Did She Wear? Singapore Styled Royalty

 Although the Diamond Jubilee celebrations ended in England a while ago, the Royal Family is still going  on tours to different parts of the globe to mark the 60 years. I already did a post on the Duchess of Cambridge recently, but these outfits were just so beautiful I couldn't help but do another post.  I picked one that I felt deserved the most attention - the dress Catherine wore to dinner in Istana, Singapore. It is very modern, very colorful, and it is a simply beautiful creation created by designer Prabal Gurung. Catherine paired it with a black clutch and pumps, and if you look at her wrist, you can see she added a golden bracelet. Very chic.

KATE MIDDLETON photo | Kate Middleton

Monday, September 10, 2012

Runway Trend - Black Lip Balm?

   Goth looks have been making a comeback lately, and while I was on I spotted an intersting commentary on the subject of Goth makeup by Lisa Butler, runway makeup artist. She says, "Don't start wearing black lipstick; it's very unflattering." This statement surprised me, but a second later I thought,"So true".
   Black lipstick can be unflattering, breaking the rules in Natural Beauty. Lisa turned Goth into a natural, beautiful element with black lipbalm. She recommended it as a much better alternative when working on a goth makeup look.
   If you look at the photo below, you will see an example of a Butler Goth Lip. You still can find that impression of Goth, but it looks so much more flattering and beautiful.

Lisa's example of a better Goth. Backstage at Emilio Pucci

 For Emilo Pucci, Lisa blended MAC Lipmix (in black, ofcourse) with the clear lipconditioner that went along with it. The result was a beautiful, 1980s Shiseido lip.

  I just love this new idea, the Goth look now seems so much more wearable now with this new 'black' lip.

            MAC Lip Conditioner, $15, Buy it now, and MAC Pro Lipmix in Black, $15

Friday, September 7, 2012

Victoria Justice Takes The Teen Vogue Cover

   After the whirlwind of the Teen Vogue September Issue, you would hardly expect another issue to top it off so easily. One has. On the Teen Vogue Cover for the second time, Victoria Justice has stared in a perfectly wonderful covershoot that is very different from previous shoots, focusing on one thing, Kids. In almost every shot, Victoria posed among several youngsters, reminding me somewhat as the big sister that I am.
   Looking throught these photos, you will glimpse pool fun, kitchen exploration, morning pillowfights, and water pistols on the doorsteps. Each of these shots reflect naturality and relaxed life, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

 I think this is what a hoard of kids do when the boss is away...........  Do you notice Victoria pumping frosting into the girl's mouth?

 Victoria wears a Denim Refinery jacket, $98. Jill Stuart top. Alexander Wang skirt, $230. Janis by Janis Savitt thick silver necklace and collar. Camilla James necklace, $395. Ted Rossi black python-skin bracelet, $235. Chanel shoes.

Picture it, you have just gotten dressed and you walk out of your closet to find two of your sisters having a pillowfight on your bed. What to do? Relax and go with the flow.

 Michael Michael Kors jacket, $150. Red Valentino dress.

                                                                         Time to go.

 Victoria wears a Libertine sweater. ASOS skirt, $68. Tot at collar, $62. Rebecca Minkoff bag, $250. On right wrist: Forever 21 silver cone bracelet, $4. On left wrist (from top): Dannijo bracelet, $120. Amigaz bracelet, $16. Eddie Borgo gold bracelet, $315. Giuseppe Zanotti Design sneakers. Urbanears headphones, $60.

  Looking on....

Kenzo sweater. Bing Bang earrings, $55. Mawi necklace, and ring, $407.


 Out the door...
Victoria wears a Jill Stuart dress. Joomi Lim choker. Venessa Arizaga necklace. Janis by Janis Savitt metal necklace. Chanel long necklace. Bess belt, $90. Hache bag. On left hand: Delfina Delettrez ring. T.U.K. creepers, $70.

 Loving that necklace...
                                                  Gucci dress. Alexis Bittar earrings, $95.

                                             Introducing Miss Glittery and Glamorous 

                                                   Victoria wears a Michael Kors top.

  Click here to see Victoria Justice's interview with Teen Vogue.

 Click here to read Victoria's full cover story on

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Runway Tutorial - Alexandre Herchcovitch's Gold On Gold Makeup Look

   I haven't done a tutorial in such a long time that I decided it would be wonderful to do a really great one. I came accross the Alexandre Herchcovitch Fall RTW 2012 show and I really liked the makeup look. MAC leading makeup artist Philippe Chansel created a gold makeup look to compliment the Fall colors in the clothing the models wore.
  When asked about how she would describe the makeup look she invented, she stated that the look was "expensive". I like it partly because of that element and partly because of how it is so very light and natural to the viewer.

 Backstage at the show.

    In this picture you can clearly see how the clothes compliment the makeup look, and vice versa.

A model sits for her makeup look.

Alexandre Herchcovitch RTW Fall 2012 


Face - Use Select Moisturizer,Coffee Walnut Pro Sculpting Cream, and Uncommon Blushcreme to achieve the same glowing, fresh look as pictured.

Eyes - apply Golden Lemon Pigment all over your eyelid. Next, apply Old Gold Pigment, starting from the corner of your lid. Try and copy the way that the Old Gold slants just a bit. Now carefully line our bottom lashline with the same pigment to create a modern look. After this, use the Mixing Medium Powersurge Eyeliner to make your eyes pop. Finally, use a couple of single false lashes to give your eyes some final definision.

Old Gold Pigment

Golden Lemon Pigment 

  Lips - The Lips were a beautiful rosy-nude color. To duplicate the shade, use 
Creme d' Nude Lipstick.