Sunday, September 30, 2012

Paris Fashion Week Spring 2013 Street Style Part 1

 I usually do posts about Paris Fashion Week Street Style after it is over but this time I thought I might do several during. So enjoy Part 1.
Chanel Bag
I just am really envious of this outfit, especially of that Chanel.
Kristen Stewart at Balenciaga.
What really intrigued me about this picture was the casual snap of the photograph. How it caught Kristen in a split second pose, I really like it.

Anne-Catherine Frey

I love everything about this photograph - the scene, makeup, and clothes. I guess you would call it a dreamy picture.
Dior Bag
If you looked at my Dior Resort Favorites post, you probably remember what I said about the Dior bags. How they have these charms with the letters spelling out DIOR.

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