Monday, September 3, 2012

CHANEL Chance Eau Fraiche

   Coco Chanel created her first scent, Chanel No5, in the beginning of the 20th century. The result was a total hit. Even now it is a bestseller and the formula remains a close guarded company secret. I have smelled the scent before and I liked it but not as much as this perfume.
   Chanel's Chance Eau Fraiche is desribed by Chanel's company as "The unexpected floral bursts with a lightness and zest as notes of citrus, Water Hyacinth and Jasmine Absolute are highlighted and energized with woody notes of Amber of Patchouli and Fresh Vetiver."
   I think my description of the scent of this Chance perfume would fit perfectly with their's. It is citrusy, and it holds an incredible lightness to it's scent that really pulls me to it.

Chance Eau Fraiche

If you haven't noticed on my Google Plus profile, I took a picture of me holding the Chance Eau Fraiche perfume bottle and another of the stopper, which I used for my new cover photo. All those pictures were taken with my webcam.

The Film for Chance Eau Fraiche

The add campaign was a lot like the perfume itself, fresh, young, and relaxed. I liked the part when she is spinning the perfume bottle in her hands, it is depicted in the picture above.

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