Saturday, September 15, 2012

Favorites From Marchesa Spring 2013 RTW

 Keren Craig and Georgina Chapman have always made their brand's clothing with an exotic, vintage feeling to the pieces. Southern Asian, to be exact. I loved this season's collection for it's Indian feel, complete with beading and Sari-Styled wrapping. 
This color is beautiful, the cloth woven in a sort of drapery style, delicate beading  accenting the look and providing some old-time classical feel to this effect.
I am not a person who usually likes orange. I would never wear the color, especially a bright shade like this one. For this creation, however, I had to make an exception. The loose, gauzy fabric pinched in at the waist with am array of glittering bedazzles just score a pass to this post.
Pink, signature color for the House of Marchesa. Made even classier with the bare leg and decorative motives. This is one piece in the collection that really looks like an actual sari, save for the slit.
One of the very few non-sparkly pieces in the collection, this dress is very different from the others. With the standard white and pink palette, it is simple yet it still holds on to that Marchesa quality.
This would be an interesting dress to wear to a black tie party. It is short, so it would be perfect for a girl. It kind of reminds me of some oriental sweet or chocolate candy. The wrapper.
I have always loved the off-the-shoulder type of dresses. (My Mom wore one for her wedding) This one is beautiful, red and silver, all wrapped around.
You know those olden-types of armor? This dress really reminds me of a sort of feminine suit of armor, like the sort a Greek goddess would wear. It is all burgundy and gold - beautiful.
This dress is simple but it still has the gold and silver trimmings that make up most of the dresses in this show. I like that one bare shoulder, casual but still it is classy.
This dress is simply lovely, brilliant blue chiffon, the metallic quality visible in obvious parts of the bodice. The way how it was made to look more standard in one area but light and flowing in the skirt is wonderful too.
As I have said before, I love gray. This particular dress shows that delicate personality gray can have when tailored properly. This piece appears to be in two parts until you see that scarf that ties the entire thing together into one. 
As can be seen, the undergarment is kind of like a gold pantsuit. It is simply lovely how the blue cloth wraps around it all to cover it but leaves enough of the gold showing to give the result some more layering.
This is just perfect, sleeveless, blue with gold embroidered so that it looks like a golden vine is growing into the folds of the skirt. It also has layers, steering away from a standard silhouette.

Delicate, white with a touch of jewels glittering. Shimmery gold peeping out from the soft layer of tulle. Like a cloud, spun from shimmering puffs. The perfect, dreamlike finale.

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