Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Valentino Resort 2013

 As you all know, I like to do reviews on my favorite looks from Valentino Collections. I wasn't planning to do the Resort 2013, but when I looked at the pieces in the collection of forty nine pieces, I was like, ''I have to do a post on this!'' So here it is. Note: These pieces were chosen with the question, ''Would I wear this or not?'' So everything in here is something I would wear.

I love tan lace, and I also love this bag. This is perfect for warm, sunny days, as it can be worn almost   in every place.

I love this dress, paired with those chic shoes this outfit is totally to dye for! I always love a dramatic dress.

This is also something that can be worn easily almost anywhere. It would be great to wear shopping or just sightseeing. The color is very casual, and the shoes really influence that message.

I really like this dress too, perfect for a casual party. The color is bright, which makes people notice the girl, and the shoes don't compete with it for attention. 

This is slightly similar to the last dress I showed you here, it has a similar skirt, but it is more of a brownish shade with no lace. Also, it is what I would call a more modest dress that the other. It can be worn to the same places, though, and it still makes a statement.

This is a great trench - dress. Trench coats are really ''in'' right now, and the sunglasses sets the dress off really well while heels are added to signify a feminine touch to it.

I love this dress! I know that I love every single one, but this dress is one of my top faves. I is ultra feminine, and the color and cut add to the look. The shoes are nude, and not distracting, and that skirt has that beautiful cut to it that I love. 

Like the last white outfit I showed you, this outfit posses the same qualities, except that it is a coat dress.

The perfect causal outfit. Lace top over forest green dress and accented with white heels. Casual and pretty. 

This dress is the perfect one for a nice, causal occasion or concert. That yellow purse really brings out the yellow in the dress. 

Usually I don't appreciate large prints in a dress, but this time I had to make an exception. This dress, with it's pastel shades and soft look, can be perfect on a feminine girl.

I wouldn't say this dress can be worn to a lot of places, but it is as wonderful as the last dress. That white collar and cuffs really set it out.

Love this dress for it's simplicity and feminine design. It's chic simplicity adds to the look very well.

Black - sophisticated and elegant. The very message that can be put to this outfit itself. See-through top and cinched-in waist really go well with this.

Black adds sophisticated flair, but white makes you look down-to-earth. Really great look with the black ribbon and white shoes.

Love this color! The hot pink shade and that black dotted fabric really showcase a girly flair, like all of Valentino.

Navy-Blue sleeveless. I think that this dress is wonderful for someone that hates girly colors or is tired of wearing those shades. This dress is regal and is bound to make a spectacular impression.

I adore this color, and this dress is the perfect way to set it off. The dappled fabric shows us a unique pattern that we don't see very often.

This dress reminds me a lot of a garden-flowery mood. The fabric is dotted with flowers on a beige background with the dress displaying a perfectly unique pattern. 

The best pink, prom-style evening gown. As many girls want to go sleeveless nowadays, it offers a likewise cut with the whole dress showcasing simple elegance.

This outfit is casual but with a serious touch to it. I just love that skirt and purse.

Perfect black evening gown. If there was one dress from this collection I could get, it would be this black number.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield Teen Vogue Covershoot

  I was so exited to learn that Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield made the Teen Vogue August Cover today. I think this is my favorite shoot so far! I have posted each picture here with a brief on what they wore in that particular shot.

Emma wears an Alexander McQueen dress and Joomi Lim necklace, $432.

Emma wears a Marc Jacobs dress and hat. Andrew wears a Burberry London suit, and shirt, $195.

Topman blazer, $320, and pants, $130. Marc by Marc Jacobs shirt, $178. Calvin Klein socks, 
$18. Surface to Air shoes.

Emma wears a Mulberry dress. Calvin Klein socks, $18. Acne boots. Andrew wears a Carven 
jacket, shirt, $290, and pants, $430.

Andrew wears a Thom Browne coat and pants. Calvin Klein Collection sweater, $395, and shirt, $195. Emma wears a Calvin Klein Collection dress. Marc by Marc Jacobs hat.

Emma wears a Prada jacket. Andrew wears a Calvin Klein Collection suit, and Calvin Klein tie, $30.

Andrew wears a Carven jacket. Calvin Klein tie. Emma wears a Louis Vuitton dress.

P.S. Anyone recognize that dress? They had it at the Louis Vuitton Fall show I posted. It was 

perfect for this Photoshoot!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Marchesa Fall 2012 RTV

Accompanied by a chorus of angelic voices, the Fall RTV Collection for the house of Marchesa was released in an elaborate setting – the Palm Court of NYC Plaza Hotel. Inspired by fairy-like elegance taken from William-Adolphe Bouguereau’s painting – A Soul Brought To Heaven,  designers Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig conjured a spectacular array of seemingly unreal garments for the memory – making show.   Originally elaborate tapestries, many gowns were cut from elaborate dresses and then fashioned accordingly to create what the designers had in mind. Chapman and Craig had observed some images of skeletons, those bejeweled ones – and created something softer, more subtle, with that in mind. For hair, stylists Frederic Fekkai and Renato Campora created a casual, effortless illusion with a braided updo styled in an angelic fashion that the designers were going for. To mimic the style, follow the directions bellow according to your hair type.·        If you have thin hair start with Fekkai Coif Bouffant Lifting & Texturizing Spray Gel to add weight
·        For thick or tangled hair start with Fekkai Silky Straight Ironless Smooth Finish Serum to prevent frizz
·        With curly hair use Fekkai Perfectly Luscious Curls Curl Shaper Cream to add texture
·        When dealing with dry hair apply Fekkai Coiff Nonchalant Piecing & Forming Wax to add moisture and shine
 After preparing your hair with the appropriate product, take 1/2 inch sections from the crown of the head and create flat braids down the back of the head. When you finish braiding all of your hair, take longer braids and wrap them around the back of the head, blending and securing the ends with hair pins. Leave a few pieces of hair loose in the front to create some movement and soften the overall look. To finish it up, use Fekkai Coiff Sheer Hold Hairspray.The makeup was created by an array of makeup artists from Laura Mercier. The makeup, like the hair, was applied to give the illusion of an angelic result. The designers wanted a flawless, unharmed look that was set off with perfect, marble skin. To get the ‘’perfect’’ skin, makeup artists applied a mixture of Radiance and Hydrating Primer and then used foundation and concealer. Nose, cheeks, forehead, and chin were highlighted.  The makeup artists were intent on using some of the collection's gold color in their artistry. To avoid overpowering the look, the team mixed water with Gilded Moonshine. (The shade will launch in the Fall so don't look for it yet.) They used fake lashes and mascara, and then rounded the eyebrows also to create the rounded, angelic look they were going for. Lip-color was applied to make it look like all the models had just consumed a cherry.   

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Blogs I Love - Fashionvibeblog.com

  I thought that today I might start a new series to show you my favorite fashion blogs. I am always finding new blogs that I love and I just thought I might share a favorite every week with you guys.

fashionvibe-blog I discovered this blog only recently, it's one of those blogs that record the owners outfits in pictures. I love the pictures in this blog - they are so simple but incredibly stylish. She wears a lot of white - she really pulls it off really well.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee

It's a once in a lifetime occasion. Not only for the queen, but for the entire population of Great Britain. Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee. Only one other modern Royal has ever reached this year of Reign - Queen Victoria. By far, the longest ruling British Monarch in History. But our modern day Queen might as well rule longer than even this Queen of the Past. While Queen Victoria was too sick to even leave her carriage for the extensive Diamond Jubilee celebrations, Queen Elizabeth II has shown herself as a very healthy figure - able to last for a long while yet.

The Royal Barge after passing under Lambert Bridge during the Thames Diamond Jubilee River Pageant in London, Sunday, June 3. More than 1,000 boats sailed down the Thames on Sunday in a flotilla tribute to Queen Elizabeth II’s 60 years on the throne that organizers are calling the biggest gathering on the river for 350 years. Despite cool, drizzly weather, hundreds of thousands of people lined the riverbanks in London, feting the British monarch whose longevity has given her the status of the nation’s favorite grandmother. (AP Photo/Tim Hales)

For the highlight of the Jubilee, a fleet of more than 1,000 barges floated down the Thames River. With the men dresses in favorite Uniforms, the women wore complimenting dresses and statement-making fascinator hats. Catherine (see below) wore a striking red Alexander McQueen dress with matching hat by Sylvia Fletcher from James Lock and Co. Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, chose an Anna Valentine dress and Philip Treacy hat. 
The Queen, as the centerpiece of the occasion, had on a  dress that had been prepared the past year. She wore a silver and white dress and matching coat, which had been planned by Angela Kelly and made by her in-house Buckingham Palace team. Its color scheme was chosen, the palace said, in order to stand out against the regal red, gold and purple shades of the royal barge.     

 For the last day of the Celebrations, the royals wore just a bit more casual, but still reflecting the occasion, attire. The men dressed in morning suits and top hats and the women dressed, again, in statement making hats and dresses. The Duchess of Cambridge was again dressed in an Alexander McQueen dress, only a dusty pink color.  
Greeting Crowds on the balcony at Buckingham Palace. From left to right: Duchess of Cornwall, Prince Charles, Queen Elizabeth II, Duke of Cornwall, Duchess of Cornwall, Prince Harry.

The Queen Is Saluted at Special Service of Thanks | Kate Middleton, Prince Charles, Prince Harry, Prince William, Queen Elizabeth II
Leaving the Church service to mark the Queen's Jubilee on Thursday.

The Queen Is Saluted at Special Service of Thanks| The British Royals, Camilla Parker Bowles, Kate Middleton, Prince Charles, Prince Harry, Prince Philip, Prince William, Queen Elizabeth, Individual Class
Enjoying a laugh after the Jubilee Church Service.

The Official Portrait of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip For The Diamond Jubilee. 

Meet Queen Elizabeth's Style Team | Queen Elizabeth II
First photograph -Queen Elizabeth II at the Epsom Derby escorted by Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugene to launch the celebrations.
Second photograph - on her way to the procession of boats that were to carry her and the Royal family in a seven mile procession down the Thames River.
Third Photograph -The third day of the Diamond Jubilee celebrations. At the Jubilee Pop Concert. A performance showcasing music written during the sixty years of her long-winding reign.
Fourth Photograph -On the last day of the celebrations, in which she attended a Church Service and made an appearance on the Buckingham Palace Balcony to greet the hordes of people below.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Kristen Stewart's Snow White And The Huntsman Screening Look

 For the Screening of Snow White And The Huntsman last week, star Kristen Stewart wore a chic, stylish, black and white outfit from Stella McCartney. I loved this look everything - the blazer, blouse, skirt, especially those beautiful heels.
 Kristen always has a mysterious, quiet look whenever she appears in public - many people don't appreciate her quiet poses, but I think that when she goes out into a crowd, she really has her own, quality way of grabbing attention.
 I loved the way she had her hair in that bun with just those thin strands of hair hanging down. I also loved her makeup - she had a great, slightly smoky eye accented with pale cheeks and the right shade of lip-color. I saw this photo got voted the top favorite in their ''best dressed'' section. What do you think of her look?

                           Ten Best Dressed — Make It Work

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Review - Earth Science Eye-Makeup Remover

 Today I decided to do another review. I have found that it is difficult to find a really dependable Makeup Remover. Each one I use either turns out to not work well or leaves my skin pretty irritated. That was before I discovered this formula. First of all, I love the gel formula. I think that it is much less messy and easier to use than a liquid one.

 Next, I love that it has no scent. Scent can sometime irritate your eyes and is very disturbing. The ingredients are all natural and, best of all, the price is a meager of only $4.99! I think it is a great price for such a great product that doesn't disturb your eyes after use. So overall I totally recommend this product for anyone - it comes at a great price and is very healthy and easy to use.