Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Valentino Resort 2013

 As you all know, I like to do reviews on my favorite looks from Valentino Collections. I wasn't planning to do the Resort 2013, but when I looked at the pieces in the collection of forty nine pieces, I was like, ''I have to do a post on this!'' So here it is. Note: These pieces were chosen with the question, ''Would I wear this or not?'' So everything in here is something I would wear.

I love tan lace, and I also love this bag. This is perfect for warm, sunny days, as it can be worn almost   in every place.

I love this dress, paired with those chic shoes this outfit is totally to dye for! I always love a dramatic dress.

This is also something that can be worn easily almost anywhere. It would be great to wear shopping or just sightseeing. The color is very casual, and the shoes really influence that message.

I really like this dress too, perfect for a casual party. The color is bright, which makes people notice the girl, and the shoes don't compete with it for attention. 

This is slightly similar to the last dress I showed you here, it has a similar skirt, but it is more of a brownish shade with no lace. Also, it is what I would call a more modest dress that the other. It can be worn to the same places, though, and it still makes a statement.

This is a great trench - dress. Trench coats are really ''in'' right now, and the sunglasses sets the dress off really well while heels are added to signify a feminine touch to it.

I love this dress! I know that I love every single one, but this dress is one of my top faves. I is ultra feminine, and the color and cut add to the look. The shoes are nude, and not distracting, and that skirt has that beautiful cut to it that I love. 

Like the last white outfit I showed you, this outfit posses the same qualities, except that it is a coat dress.

The perfect causal outfit. Lace top over forest green dress and accented with white heels. Casual and pretty. 

This dress is the perfect one for a nice, causal occasion or concert. That yellow purse really brings out the yellow in the dress. 

Usually I don't appreciate large prints in a dress, but this time I had to make an exception. This dress, with it's pastel shades and soft look, can be perfect on a feminine girl.

I wouldn't say this dress can be worn to a lot of places, but it is as wonderful as the last dress. That white collar and cuffs really set it out.

Love this dress for it's simplicity and feminine design. It's chic simplicity adds to the look very well.

Black - sophisticated and elegant. The very message that can be put to this outfit itself. See-through top and cinched-in waist really go well with this.

Black adds sophisticated flair, but white makes you look down-to-earth. Really great look with the black ribbon and white shoes.

Love this color! The hot pink shade and that black dotted fabric really showcase a girly flair, like all of Valentino.

Navy-Blue sleeveless. I think that this dress is wonderful for someone that hates girly colors or is tired of wearing those shades. This dress is regal and is bound to make a spectacular impression.

I adore this color, and this dress is the perfect way to set it off. The dappled fabric shows us a unique pattern that we don't see very often.

This dress reminds me a lot of a garden-flowery mood. The fabric is dotted with flowers on a beige background with the dress displaying a perfectly unique pattern. 

The best pink, prom-style evening gown. As many girls want to go sleeveless nowadays, it offers a likewise cut with the whole dress showcasing simple elegance.

This outfit is casual but with a serious touch to it. I just love that skirt and purse.

Perfect black evening gown. If there was one dress from this collection I could get, it would be this black number.

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