Saturday, September 1, 2012

Vogue of a Kind - Favorite Photos From Recent Vogue Covershoots

  I am a regular subsciber to American Vogue, and so I have looked through a new and perfectly done issue every month. The good thing about Vogue is that it always displays the perfect mixture of styles witout seeming too uniform in what it prefers. It is often a job to choose the one first-rate image that is my very favorite when it comes to each covershoot, but here I put together an arrangement of such photos.
  I did not just depend my choicing on the clothing. I am an artist, I looked at the entire photo, the background, the model's pose, and the entire mood of the picture before I rated a photo. So I hope that you will enjoy looking at the different moods of the pictures below, and like them as much as I did.

 Marion Cotillard is just so fitted, so wonderfully part of everything in this landscape, the vintage mood, the navy blue Burberry coat, even the Ralph Lauren heels. Her pose is very casual, but very subtile. She looks like she was just looking at something ahead of her and then turned her head to observe us. The perfect kind of vintage.

When Vogue revealed Emma Stone on their cover, what I really observed was how relaxed and fun she looked. This is not what you would classify as a pose, it is more like a casual, natural moment. She is laughing, her hair covering half her face. It doesn't look as if she even notices the lenses, even though her visible eye is looking straight at us. It looks like the combination of photographing skill and Emma's natural character.
 I am a fan of Karlie Kloss - always look at her shows, flip through her photoshoots, and I was very pleased to see this fantastic photoshoot for Vogue's Olympic issue. That Alexander Mcqueen Dress is like a snowy web, the way it clings to her, it looks simply Fairylike. The steam greatly contributes to the other-world effect.
 I loved every single photo from Scarlett Johansson's covershoot, it was just so like a vintage wonderland that it was simply amazing. When they added that tame leopard to the set, the whole shoot instantly became unique and exiting. The whole picture is glamorous and classy.

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