Monday, May 21, 2012

Collections - Favorites From Valentino Fall 2012

 I thought I might do a second Valenino Favorites Post today. I really like Valentino, and, like other collections, I really enjoy picking out my favorite pieces. Like other Fall 2012 Collections, this collection had a lot of leather and black in it, but it had some other colors in it's palette too.
 I loved the coat dresses in the collection, especially the first one just below. Coat dresses have been worn by many people recently, and they add a great personality to an outfit.
This is a really rugged, interesting outfit that really shows a lot of personality. I loved that bag and the shoes. Black is a really nice color that really can make a statement.

I really liked this coat too, the collar is very interesting. The shoes are, as in the rest of the collection, exactly the same design. The only difference is the color. I like the pants too, they look like the would go great with almost anything.

The coat on this model is almost of the same design as the previous - same front. The only differences that I can see is - different collar, cuffs, and length. The pants are really casual looking, though I wouldn't wear those as often as other pieces in the collection.

This dress is feminine, everything from the frothy lace to the becoming shape. It is modest but at the same time it shows some personality that I admire.

This dress is the kind I like - a dress that can switch from casual daytime to formal night. I love the sleeveless look.

This dress is another dress I'd say can switch from day to night. The waist and sleeves are very nice, as is the black purse.

This white piece is another one that interests me. I love the collar and the balloon sleeves.

This dress is wonderful, not quite black, not quite gray. It can really display feminine beauty because, being not fully black, it gives it an exquisite effect. The purse and shoes really gives it a nice contrast.

I love the skirt with the top here, the turquoise really goes with the bronze shade of the skirt. I appreciate the gold flecks on the top. It ties the whole thing together.

This, again, is a very nice, feminine dress that really goes with a pink girl. I love the lace, see through hem.

This is one of the formal assembles in the collection. I love the exotic feel to it, the lace, bright crystals, everything goes together in here.

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