Sunday, May 13, 2012

My Daily Acne Routine

 Hey Everyone! So today I decided to do a long - awaited for post - my everyday acne products. So in my previous website, Geek to Chic, I posted an article on how to keep clear, acne - free skin. I shared the basics - wash your face every day, sleep on a clean pillowcase, you know, the stuff you can do without acne products.
 I did mention that I did have a daily acne care routine, a bunch of acne products, and I remember I said I would tell you about my products in a later post. So here it is.
 I have gone through a lot of products lately, and I just am going to go through all of them and name my favorites and daily ones.
 Just to organize this, I'm going to start with my daily routine products. I have three and I use them every evening and (I try) every morning.

This is my Face Wash from this company called Thursday Plantation. I use it, like I said, for my daily routine. It is like this clear, watery gel that reminds me a lot of a clear shampoo, except it is for the face. It really gives my face a really thorough cleansing and if I don't have time I can easily just use it by itself.

I use this for an after-wash treatment that really helps take out any acne or other skin - annoyances. It is pretty strong so I just put a thin layer on as a 'daily' treatment. It is from a company called Nelson's that's been around for quite a while now.

This is my last step in my daily acne routine. It isn't my 'main' formula, it is more like a moisturizer than an acne help. Of-course, it says it is a moisturizer right on the bottle, but anyway, I love it and I use it all over my face for my daily routine. 

This was on of my first acne products I bought, but sadly they don't sell it any more. I got it from Thursday Plantation and it is like this roll-on liquid substance that is meant for application right on the acne, not like an all-over-face treatment.
This product, from Burt's Bees is a very recent one that I got as a gift. ( I know right? It is pretty unusual to get an acne product as a gift! ) Well anyway, they give you a really small amount and it is meant to be applied straight on the spot you want to treat - not as a prevention formula but as an actual treatment.

This is my facial scrub from Kiss My Face, and I must say, I am so in love with it right now! It is just such a nice product to have. You probably have already read my review on it on my Google Plus profile.

This is actually a full treatment kit that has a cleansing, treatment, and toner all in one kit. It is from Nature's Gate and I actually haven't tried it yet but as soon as I get to, I will blog about it. 

 So that's all of my acne products. I have six now, and I just don't have one that I don't like! I love them all, I use them all, (except for the last one that I haven't opened yet) and they are all from all-natural brands. I highly recommend each of these products and I am interested in what you have to say about them!

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