Friday, May 25, 2012

Favorite Paris Fall 2012 Fashion Week Street Looks

 Paris Fall Fashion Week started a couple of days ago, and I was just going over my favorite looks that all the visiting fashion people were wearing. I picked out my top favorites and I thought I might share them with you.
What I liked about this outfit was the casual look it had to it. I like wearing dark blue, and the gold accents really set the outfit off.

At The Louis Vuitton Show
I think this is a really great outfit for Spring. Love the heels too. The tan pants are also a great way to set of that wonderfully sunny top.

Christopher Kane clutch and Louis Vuitton pumps 
I love this outfit so much! It is the perfect girly outfit with just a dark, navy color paired with that violet pink. Louis Vuitton Makes great shoes perfect for an outfit like this.

The hing I like in this outfit is that green sweater. I love a good sweater, especially in that beautifull green color.

Niels Peeraer cuffs and bag
I just love this bag so much! It is such a beautiful pink and the trimming are beautiful. The cuffs accent the bag really well.

This is the kind of outfit thats makes me say - ''Hello Winter!'' Even though it is the start of Summer.

Christian Dior Dresses
I love this neon color paired with that black bag and belt. I love anything Dior because of it's vintage feeling.

At the Christian Dior Show
I love a classic, light colored outfit. The cream-colored jacket is great with almost anything, including that brown dress you can see underneath it.

Christian Dior Dress
This color really goes with that silvery gray purse, and I love the pattern of the dress also.

Mason Michell Hat
Love the chic black hat! Both casual and sophisticated.

Dries Van Noten jacket
I just adore this jacket! It is such a unique pattern and it can go really well with a light-colored top underneath.

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