Thursday, September 19, 2013

Blogger's Spotlight: Stella Dorothy

If you are one of my longtime readers, then you might have remembered the series I did last year on this blog. The series was called "Blogs I Love", and basically what it was that every week, I would scout another blog and I'd do a review on it. However, I later abandoned it, as it was becoming a sort of a chore to do find a new blog every week. Lately however, I have noticed the importance of pushing talent into the spotlight, so I was contemplating on re-launching the series. In the end, I decided not to. However, I will be doing a "Blogger's Spotlight" every once in a while to showcase a great blog that I've discovered.

First up is Stella Dorothy. For those of you interested in learning about her, here is a segment from her "About Me" spread.

"I am Stella, a California 14 year old girl, who has developed a passion for the arts and entertainment. I'm a girl with my very own sense of fashion, a chef who enjoys concocting my own array of dishes, and a photographer with a different eye for contrast! I prefer to dance to my own tune, rather than following the crowd. Thanks for reading!"

As you can see, Stella has quite a unique personality on her own. :) I won't say much more about her blog, except that her classic, edgy style is very much similar to mine, but I will provide a link here for any of you who are interested in visiting her site!

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