Sunday, September 15, 2013

Richard Nicholl Spring 2014 Favorites

The London show schedule is so overpacked these days that Richard Nicoll, who has an accessible line in tailored daywear, ended up showing his collection after dark in a subterranean carpark. Well, needs must when there’s so much to fit in, but it wasn’t an ideal atmosphere for viewing a summertime wardrobe. Sunshine and a brisk, edited breakfast presentation over coffee would have served his purpose better. 

That said, Nicoll has a formula for spring which efficiently fits in with the trend criteria for the season: plenty of white, layered transparencies over a base of camisoles and slip dresses, shorts, the illusion of double and treble hemlines that are appearing everywhere. Also, stripes made a returning statement in not only black in white but a new palette of pinks, grays, and woven threads of silver. The show alternated (in rather too-clockwork repetition) between the jackets he’s good at (light bikers, blazers, tailored vests, and sleeveless coats), and variations on the raised-waist structured dresses that are a strong commercial seller for him. Throughout, there was a play on dogtooth pattern in sheer knits and fille-coupe fabrics. In other words, this was Nicoll playing safe and reinforcing what he knows his customer buys.

Sheerness and white meets in an unusual series of looks that convey lightness, sensuality, and chicness.

Below is a structured dress, but then you see the sheer white hemline and you realize that this is something traditional but with a slight twang of new look.

The first in a series of pink. This one is one of my favorites among the entire group - a bright pink garment softened with a veil of white to create a softer, more demure shade of pink.

Stripes meet the fall trend of patterns and prints.

Stripes, stripes, stripes, are my favorite pattern ever.

Get a taste of stripes in a combo of pea striped blues and traditional black.

Beautiful, classic shoes with a heel of modernity.

Pockets big enough to hold everything a purse would, but still are great with nothing in them.

Beautiful coats....

Black slip on

I love an ankle boot for fall... looks fresh and interesting.

This is the most "new" type of stripe. It is like a multi-colored disco ball divided into slivers and stripes.

I love the idea of pea striped bottoms mixed in with more visual types of stripes.

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