Saturday, September 21, 2013

Milan Spring 2014 Fashion Week Part 1

Bags are where the fun’s at on the streets of Milan today. A fuzzy candy-pink Christopher Kane clutch is a playful complement to a graphic Nasir Mazhar skirt and studded white boots. Zhanna Romashka catches our gaze by matching her cow-print clutch to the heels of her wild shoes (also bearing witness: her Kenzo eye-print jacket, which we’re seeing everywhere), and Elisa Nalin flashes a huge smile as she zips off on the back of a Vespa, holding a cool silk-embroidered Katrin Langer clutch. Then of course there are models toting backpacks in the sun, Candela Novembre holding a bag that has LOVE spelled out on its flap, and Tallulah Harlech dangling a furry monster keychain from her shoulder bag outside Fendi. These fun accessories are bringing out the fanciful side of Milan street style.

Elisa Nalin in Prada sunglasses, Katrin Langer bag, No. 21 skirt

I love this clutch!!! I myself don't wear any kind of handbag that often, let alone a clutch, but I do admire them as tasteful and often taste-making accessories. I really like this one because it is pink and feminine, sort of like Marie Antoinette type Versailles.

Tallulah Harlech in Fendi

See, here is another one of those cool handbags - this one is a mad green monster type. I like it. A lot.

Chloe Kerman

Look at the beautiful cut-out elements of this dress - as well as how the shoes go so well with the cutout of the dress.

Natalie Joos in a Osklen top

What I love about a good t-shirt is that you can wear it "real life" (aka school) without looking overly overdressed. Such as with this Osklen top. It looks awesome, but I can still picture wearing it to my Humanities class. :)

Candela Novembre in a Costume National dress

I love the graphic look of this outfit, and the purse keeps it from being something that is easily forgotten.

I love slits - too bad that I haven't worn them much yet...

Ruby Jean Wilson

I love "round" glasses - they look fantastically vintage and fun and unforgettable - something that is key in life, fashion, and basically everything you'll ever do.

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