Sunday, September 22, 2013

Milan Spring 2014 Fashion Week Street Style Part 3

I love a great walking street style shot: a woman on the run, typing on her phone with an invitation tucked under her elbow. But there’s also dynamism in the shots captured when showgoers are standing still. There’s a power stance that comes with wearing clothes that make you feel strong and excite you. Take a look at Nicole Warne: a force in her long yellow blazer and black shorts. Shala Monroque’s pearls are delicate and elegant, but her sunglasses and crisp white dress are all business, meanwhile, Phil Oh captures a model in head-to-toe 3.1 Phillip Lim with her hand on her hip. Getting snapped is expected on the walk into a show, so why not own it?

I think this photo has been edited, but I can't be sure, as it might just be the actual camera, as I myself know a few tricks to change the lighting effect while taking the photograph. However, I love the delicate effect of the lace cropped top, the way the faded jeans drag on the floor, and basically every aspect about the photo. (If you have been reading these posts, then you might have noticed that I pay attention not only to the outfit, but also to the overall look of the photograph. What can I say? I am a photographer myself.)

Prada shoes

In the time of the renaissance, city streets were often just smoothed down patches of dirt. When it rain, the streets would literally become a mudslide. To keep their often elaborate clothing mud-free, and their legs clean, they opted to wear platformed shoes, somewhat like these, only with a higher platform. When I saw these Prada-made shoes, I instantly thought of that little bit of history. Yes, here on my blog you might find a mini history lesson here and there.

Anna Dello Russo and Chiharu Okunugi
On Anna: Miu Miu dressOn Chiharu: Alexander Wang backpack

Classic modern art describes Anna Dello Russo's outfits perfectly. This one is no exception.

Carlotta Oddi
Au Jour Le Jour jacket, Chanel bag

I remember seeing these bags on the Chanel runway and wondering whether or not I liked them or not. Then I decided that I didn't, and pushed them out of my mind - for a while. Recently, I have been seeing them as street style elements left and right. After seeing them so much, I guess I am warming up to them. Anyway, I do admit that they are a fantastic piece of creativity.

Shala Monroque

As a response to the pearl trend, I did a post with pearls not long ago here. I like the way that, with a little bit of styling efforts, you can turn pearls into something you, not your grandmother would wear. It's all about styling, after all. 

Tiffany Hsu

Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! Please let summer come already!!!!! Oh, wait, we are light years away.

Nicole Warne

As yellow as the sun.....

Model of duty.

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