Sunday, September 8, 2013

Gloomy Therapy

Dress; Xhilaration, Shoes; Kelly and Katie, Clip-on earrings and rings (not shown); Vintage

It's frustrating that whenever I come home from my day, I look up at the setting sun and realize that nature hasn't given me a last opportunity to photograph, even if what I'm wearing is 100% blog worthy. On Friday I just decided to try shooting a few photos and see if they would turn out okay, but the result was so dark that even with the subtle magic of photoshop, the pictures still look dark. Also, in some pictures I look miserable. Now, most of you might be asking the question - "Why did you post these photos when you aren't happy with them?" The answer is that with Fashion Week playing out it's course, I haven't been looking at anything besides perfect shots of fashion's most prestigious sitting in fashion shows, walking the streets of NY, and basically doing anything else, including walking the catwalk. So I just thought that posting a set of photos of myself, no matter how dull, glum, and gloomy they might be, would serve as some boredom therapy for me. Just say'in.

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