Monday, September 16, 2013

London Spring 2013 Fashion Week Street Style Part 2

When I think of LFW, I always think of the grunge, punky look. In this city, no one is afraid to go wild, go punk, or go casual. Fashion week is all about the comfort here, and showgoers look to convey that. Here is Susie Lau in a colorful Mary Katrantzou dress, but look again and you see the Meredith Wendell backpack and Nike sneakers. At Topshop Unique they strive to shine in ripped denim, while Marine Deleeuw makes a comfort statement in overalls and Nike sneakers. After all, fashion is the art of expressing yourself, and today it is being expressed just fine.

Christine Centenera at Topshop Unique

This is my favorite photo from the entire bunch, so I had to put it up front so everyone could see it! I just think that the clothing is really complimented by the strong green of the foliage, as well as the basic black fence.

Elena Perminova at Mary Katrantzou

With boots, when it comes to street style, I always say "The higher the better!" I just love the-knee-and-above boots - they instantly add to any look. Too bad that I don't have any... Texas doesn't think about these...

Natalie Massenet

I went through a black, gray and white phase a few years back. It probably didn't help that I had an awesome pair of gray skinny jeans that I wore everywhere, but I still find myself loving a black and white look.

Susie Lau in a Mary Katrantzou dress, Meredith Wendell backpack, and Nike sneakers

I remember seeing a dress just like this one at last Paris Fashion Week. I instantly loved the unique pattern. It really reminded me of city buildings in a sunset.

At Topshop Unique

Xiao Wen at L'Wren Scott

Cloudy sky...

Viktoria Sekrier

This is most certainly my favorite outfit of this entire selection. I love leather, I love blue, and I just love a good skirt.

Tina Leung in a Topshop Unique dress

Pattern appropriate.

In a Peter Pilotto sweater at L'Wren Scott

I'm still looking for that ideal pair of motorcycle boots, but like a leather jacket, I haven't found it yet. What I have found is a strong liking for really skinny jeans.

Marine Deleeuw

Baggy is the new chic - at least in London.

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  1. Wow, I love the high boots! Great post!

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