Thursday, September 26, 2013

Paris Spring 2014 Fashion Week Part 1

"Welcome to Paris, land of the dramatic statement piece. Voilà: Yasmin Sewell’s sweeping black skirt, and Giovanna Battaglia’s spotted vintage Alaïa dress. These are classics, and yet when you see them on the street at Fashion Week, it’s as if it’s for the first time. Same for Caroline Brasch Nielsen’s Calvin Klein denim overalls (and matching staple Chanel bag), and one showgoer’s stunning Ghesquière-era Balenciaga trench. It doesn’t take much accessorizing, just one incredible favorite."
- Vogue
Paris has always been seen by me as the city where showgoers opt to wear basics. They dress is relatively simple, stylish, not as colorful as Milan FW looks. However, the idea of spring has seemed to inject color in the air - and in fabric.

Yasmin Sewell

Yasmin is a shining star when it comes to Street Style. Just look at this look as an example. Dressed in a floor-length dress, a patterned print for a top, with a navy blue skirt - not to mention my new favorite - pockets, I honestly can't resist staring at this photograph. Just staring.

One of Fall's key trends is material like this ivory colored kind on this dress. It is a new piece, which some would brand as a frayed rug, but others as a new look. Whether or not you have a positive reaction to this look, you have to admit they thought outside the box when they came up with this one.

Elisa Nalin

Paris can get chills - so just throw on the bluest, fuzziest cardigan you can find.

Patty Lu (right)
Left: Dries Van Noten
On Patty: Balenciaga trench

This is what I meant when I spoke about patterns. Although this is a little more flowery than the typical looks in this collection, it still fits into the overall mold. That is, if you can even find one.

What is it about bags that just captures my interest? I don't even own many, let alone wear them - but still they instantly draw my eye. Especially with this one.

Karla Martinez and Giovanna Battaglia
On Giovanna: vintage Alaïa dress

Vintage makes up much of my personal wardrobe, I'm glad that it is popularized among the fashion world's also.

Caroline Brasch Nielsen
Calvin Klein overalls, Comme des Garçons Play top, Chanel bag

We've been seeing overalls all over fashion month - so I bought a pair for myself. Obviously I'm far from wearing them with a Chanel bag, since I'v never worn one, ever, but I like the idea.

Mike Nouveau and Madison Stephens
On Madison: Paul Harnden coat, Elena Dawson dress, Comme des Garçons shoes

Light and shadow, blacks and whites, ever pretty, my delight.

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