Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Tip: Hairspray Not Just For Hair

There are so many things you can do with just the ordinary, household and/or things that you already have in your bathroom or in your possession. The first of this is ............ Hairspray! Today I have three tips for this product - one fashion related, one beauty related, and one pointe shoe related. At least one tip for every kind of girl!

So first I have one beauty related tip. This one if for those of you who have wondered if there is something you can use to tame your brows without using hairspray. Well, there is. All you need is hairspray and a toothbrush. Easy, right? Now just spray the hairspray onto your toothbrush, and use you toothbrush to brush out those brows of yours. Just make sure to wash the hairspray out of your brush before you actually use it for brushing your teeth. :)

 Next I have one for the stylish girl. A mini hairspray bottle is actually something you can keep in your bag from time to time, as it is ideal for minor clothing emergencies. Spray it on the ends of a run in your tights to stop it from spreading, or banish static cling by spritzing areas on your skirt or dress that are bunching (just make sure to hold it at least a foot away). It also erases pen marks out of clothing when spritzed on before laundering.

My last tip is for those of you who have tied and retied your toe shoes before (and during) and performance. Well, I learned this great tip from the girls in my ballet school. All you have to do to keep those ribbons in place is to spray the knot right after you tie it. It will guarantee staying power for your ribbons, and you can dance without worry!

(Photo credits, www.theskinnyblondegirl.com. I do not own this photo, I just don't ave time to take one myself at the moment.)

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