Monday, September 9, 2013

New York Spring 2014 Fashion Week Street Style Part 4

There are two sides to the fashion spectrum at play this week: the ladylike and the ultrastreet. Some other equal-but-polar-opposites: Miroslava Duma in a ladylike but daring multi-colored mini dress versus model Shu Pei’s slip-on sneakers and Brian Lichtenberg’s popular Homies sweatshirt. Or Nadia Sarwar
with bleached eyebrows and nose ring and earring connected with a long, silvery chain. Then there are the women who play both sides brilliantly, depending on the day. For example, Susie Lau wears Whistles camouflage accessorized with a pair of white headphones draped around her neck while just the day before, she wore a neon pink ASOS dress. Whether sweet or street, however, what’s exciting is that every look is a statement. There are no apathetic in-betweeners in New York this week.

The ladylike image is played up a notch when this Dior style dress is paired with statement making heels. Speaking of which, shoes are a big this this fashion week - I have noticed.

Lily Kwong and Miroslava Duma

Here are two women who are both beautifully dressed - Lily Kwong pairs her black and white dress with a black jacket look with a studded clutch, and Miroslava Duma, proves her worth in a brightly colored mini dress. Which do you prefer?


Orange is a much loved color this season, especially by me. Here, a DKNY showgoer livens things up with a head to toe orange look.

At Band of Outsiders

Punk and monogrammed t-shirt really go well together - especially for fashion week.

Natalie Joos

The bright white look.

At Hood by Air

Question. Anyone up for coloring hair? If not, then just use some washable hair-dyes. They really produce great results for those of you who want them.

Coco Rocha at Diane von Furstenberg

Diane von Furstenberg is known for her pantsuits. Coco Rocha seems to know this too.

Xiao Wen Ju and Shu Pei


Nadia Sarwar

Here's the look I was talking about. I find it strangely fascinating.

Tanja Gacic in a Josh Goot dress

Leopard print is one of the top trends for fall, for those of you who don't know that yet.

Sarah Rutson in a Givenchy T-shirt

My American Dream? End World Suffering. Even though that's basically impossible.

Susie Lau in a Whistles dress, Meredith Wendell backpack

Like last year, military is big.

I love it when someone supports their country! It's just so wonderful not to stray too far from your heritage.

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  1. Such colourful and fun pictures :)