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Paris Fall 2013 Couture Fashion Week

When it comes to Fashion Week, funnily enough, it's not necessarily the runway I look to for style inspiration - it's the street. Street Style is pretty similar to the runway, but at the same time it entirely different. While the runway gives us a solid theme for each collection, street style is a dazzling display of a huge array of styles, designers, and yes, themes. During Paris Fall 2013 Couture Fashion Week, (yes, quite a mouthful), I will be updating this post every day, so keep an eye out for new photos during the week. 

At Dior
I must say I picked this photo solely for the fact that it is a beautiful picture overall - perfect for the first picture in this post.

Valentino Dress
I wish I knew the designer for these shoes, not that I'd be able to buy them lol, but still, they look  so beautiful with the mossy, lacy green of the Valentino number.

SofĂ­a Sanchez Barrenechea in a Mary Katrantzou dress
I just love the playful energy of this dress - it sort of reminds me of an amusement park dyed bright hues of pink and purple - well, the skirt does.

Nasiba Adilova in a Mary Katrantzou jacket and dress
Again, a cheerfully colored dress - this time reminding me of a city skyline dyed bright shades of orange, turquoise, and navy, as well as spots of other colors here and there.

Chanel dress and bag
I like the idea of playing with red, white, and blue without looking like an American flag. Here the combination looks relaxed and casual - all while staying at the highest level of chic.

Elena Perminova in Giambattista Valli and Valentino shoes
Have I said how much I love Valentino yet? These shoes are surreal with the GV combo.

Kristen Stewart at the Chanel show
I have long admired Kristen Stewart for her elegant rocker/chic girl vibe. She never overdoes it, always makes it look good, and more importantly, effortless. White has been big lately, but it is great looking when paired with edgy pieces like leather finger-less gloves, metal bracelets, frayed shorts, and leather bag - all in black.

Couture is an old-school season—in fact, it used to be the only kind of season. Now, with six rounds of shows a year, it's hard for any single season to have a distinct street-style identity. In Paris right now, though, we're seeing personal expression rooted in fashion history. Vika Gazinskaya wears a sweeping dress that would look at home in a parlor in the nineteenth century, while other looks embody the familiar glamour of the flapper era (a black dress in the breeze captured from behind), fifties sock-hop denim and hair (as seen on female models), a Prada coat and shift dress with sixties lines, and eye-catching references leading up to Joan Smalls's ultramodern Alexander Wang crop top. This wide range can only mean one thing: Street style at the couture shows is timeless.

Chanel Belt
The little black dress paired with this belt looks surreal. Although the belt is modern looking, it still showcases classic Chanel in the pearls. And of course, in the lettering.

Chanel sunglasses
"Why hello Coco! How is it like to be on the sunglasses of, well, Chanel?"
Another classic-but-still-modern Chanel move. Complete with several pearl necklaces. And Coco Chanel.

Ulyana Sergeenko in a Valentino Dress
What I really admire about Valentino is simply the brand's habit of marrying feminine and edgy to create something that great for both types of girls. Although this dress is very feminine, a great deal more than edgy, it still captures my heart in a way that only Valentino can.

Chanel bag
Finally! Lunchboxes are chic! Lately, Chanel bags have taken on a whole new vibe in terms of creativity and fun. This design is a special favorite.

Another creative bag, this time paired up with a spectacular patterned frock. Can I please have some Chanel?

Bianca Brandolini in Dolce & Gabbana
I love how this look manages to look modern but delicate at the same time. It's not often that a designer does this by topping structural undergarments with a delicate, lacy fabric.

Kristen Stewart Zuhair Murad Couture 
I'm kind of in between for this look - I love the top, but I'm not so crazy about the pants. I also love the shoes, which I believe are Christian Louboutins. I remember Kristen wearing something like this top for the 2010 Oscars, (you can view an image here) and I remember loving it intensely. So it's really no wonder that I fell for this outfit!

Natalia Vodanova in Chanel
I love simplicity so much. That's why a lot of my posts showcase simplicity, although I'm trying to make an effort to add some hot sauce. (A boost) Natalia's baby pink Chanel couture jacket adds a pop of color to the black pencil skirt, and everything is pulled together with carefree hair, almost invisible makeup, and a classic Chanel clutch.

This look combines the timeless couture feel of a full skirt with a modern touch courtesy of the cropped denim vest and funky haircut. Elegant stilettos look amazing here, and pastel tones unite all the pieces into one very well-thought-out outfit.

"This is the ultimate look for the couture—it puts you in the  mood even before entering a show. The big ball skirt paired with a simple T-shirt top is a very “Raf Simons for Dior” take on couture—very modern. J’adore."

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