Saturday, July 6, 2013

Beauty Rush: How To Not End Up With Products You Don't Like

 For my second Beauty Rush post, I decided to give you all some tips on How To Not End Up With Products You Don't Like. A lot of times, when we walk into a store, we are so intimidated my the array of beauty products on display, that we stock up on products that, most likely, we might not like. I have had my fair experience of paying for a product, then finding out that it isn't as good for me as it could have been. Nevertheless, there are wonderful products out there, and here is my guide to finding those products.

(The picture above was taken by me, and not all of the products are ones that I dislike)
 1) Look for reviews.
Find several bloggers who you can rely on to give impressions on many products. It helps if you find a blogger with your skin tone and type, so you will be able to refer to her when it comes to checking up on certain products. My "twin" blogger is Ingrid Nilsen at missglamorazzi on Youtube. We have the same skin type, (oily), and the same skin color (olive). I also check these bloggers daily for reviews. Elle Fowler at her new blog, Fleur de Force at, Estee at, and Chelsea Henry at All these bloggers have released reliable reviews on beauty related products, and they are my number one sources for all things beauty related.

 2) Make a list.
Make a list of products that you feel you'll like. Be sure to include the price of each item so you don't have to waste time checking it when you could have just written it down on your list. When you are going to Target, Sephora, or wherever else you're sure to find makeup, (that is, if you are planning to buy makeup) then you can choose some of the products on your list, but think about how you need each product, and if it will fit into your current budget.

 Well, that's it! I wish I had a third tip/step to add, but I can't think of a single one. Nevertheless, I hope you guys enjoyed this post and I'll try to do another Beauty Rush post soon, although they do take a longer time to make then my other posts because I try and make them long. :)

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