Saturday, July 13, 2013


Top; Old Navy, Shorts; Old Navy, Wedges; American Eagle, Rings; Charming Charlie
Lately I have been experimenting with different editing effects. One of my favorites is the "Boost" effect. I got inspired to try this effect out by a blogger I really admire - Jane Aldridge at She is a glorious redhead, and this technique looks great on her. Sadly, not as great looking on me, but I do love the new result. I still have scratches on my legs from the time I did a gorgeous Grand Jeté off the sidewalk and landed face first in mulch. (Thankfully, my face didn't get damaged. LOL) I'm also wearing this gorgeous trio of rings I got in this haul video a few days ago. I love them for summer, as they match with my freshly tanned skin. I also think they will be phenomenal for Fall, as they look a lot like something you could easily wear at a time when leaves are falling and school is starting. The thought sort of makes me wish I could stop time and/or jump into the future to the summer of 2014 right after this one ends. :(

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