Monday, August 12, 2013

All Laced Up

Blouse; L & B, Skirt; Vintage, Shoes; Prabal Gurung, Rings; Charming Charlie

I honestly have a serious problem when I turn to my editing software. I am obsessed. That being said, it really isn't any big surprise that I used it for this outfit post. I wouldn't really wear this in real life - this is just one of those fun outfits that is awesome to photograph. The entire reason I decided to do a two minute shoot was for the fact that I just loved my hairstyle. I had been at rehearsal, and a friend of mine offered to do my hair. She ended up doing an intricate cross of an upsweep and a dutch braid, and voila! It ended up like this. She has done several hairstyles for me, all consisting of braids. You might have seen one of them here, which is a very classic look she did for me a while ago. I believe I will be doing a post on my hairstyle, where you will be able to see it more closely, but although I do have the photographs, and they are, by the way, on my computer, I have decided not to put them up until I'm done with this post.

These shoes are still an obsession of mine. They are from the Prabal Gurung for Target collection they did earlier this year, and they happen to be my dream pair, as well as perfect dupes of the three digit Zara ones.

Below is a detail of the back of my blouse. This piece, like about half of the ones in my closet, has a story. One day about a year ago, I was outside when I saw a girl wearing a top just like this one. I instantly added this to the list of my dream clothing purchases in my brain, and when I saw this hanging in the store, I instantly snatched it up. Since then, I have really treasured it as one of the pieces I love the most.

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