Friday, August 2, 2013

24 Hours In Houston

Top; Old Navy, Shorts; Old Navy, Sandals; Sketchers, Necklace; Vintage, Bracelet; Vintage, Handbag; Vintage
 We spent a shorter time in Houston than I expected. Turned out that we stayed just one day instead of two, so I ended up not wearing about half of the clothes I packed. lol. This is what I wore to the trip back - comfy without being a t-shirt and jeans. 
I have been wearing this bracelet non-stop since I got it (and endured some bruises for sleeping in it) and of course I couldn't do without. I have a sort of tradition to wear wooden jewelry whenever I'm traveling, because I just think that it gets sort of like a good luck charm. Before, I had this wooden bracelet, and then it sadly fell apart, and since I haven't found the right elastic to fix it yet, I have reverted to this necklace of wooden beads. Our family usually takes road trips - we went to Colorado in our car, as well as Florida, North Carolina ect. You get the picture. I think most people just take a plane, but I only fly when I'm going overseas, which usually happens once in two years, and when it does, I end up taking at least four plane rides. (I go to more places than just one) Anyway, that being said, it gets pretty easy to travel in a car for four to five hours (the time it takes to either Houston or Dallas from either Dallas or Houston) since I have traveled in a car for twenty hours sometimes. Anyway, this outfit is a nice inspiration for any of you who have wondered what to wear to a road trip. I'm not sure if I'd wear exactly this to a longer trip - I would probably switch to sweatpants and a comfy t-shirt if I was expected to spend more than twelve hours in a vehicle, but for those of you who want to look nice for a four to eight hour stretch, I recommend this.

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