Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Review: Physician's Formula Pearls of Perfection Multi-Colored Bronzer

I recently got this bronzer from Physician's Formula, and right away I thought that it was a fantastic break from my other bronzer. That other bronzer is a little too light for my skin, as it hardly shows any kind of contouring at all unless I really pile it on. That bronzer is actually a very good one, and that's why in my videos, I have said it is a really good product - because it is. Nevertheless, I will definitely be using this bronzer more.

Below is the name. I really don't see a point in multi-colored bronzer, except maybe you can divide it into color groups and use it as different shades??? (It is possible, as you will see in one of the pictures after this one, the format is really easy if you ever want to spend time dividing it into color groups. lol)

Upon screwing off the lid, you see a foam covering over the product inside.

And this is how the "pearls" look. As you can see, the product does get on the foam, but I find that I can sometimes use it as a sort of powder puff. You know, just dabbing a little on my t-zone and under my cheekbones. (See what I meant about the "perfect format"? :p)

 I find that this is a really great bronzer. I honestly couldn't really get a good picture which really showed how this bronzer looks on the skin, but my face is a shade or two lighter than the rest of my body, and the bronzer evens everything out, at the same time providing excellent contouring. It's just a little shimmery, and I like how it's in the "pearl" format, as it is incredibly easy to pick up if you spill it, and is even easier to apply than a pressed powder, as you don't have to worry if the manufacturer pressed the powder down too hard.

  I'll be doing another review on a Physician's Formula bronzer later this summer, and as that one is a really nice one too, be sure to keep your eye peeled for that and other reviews on my blog. Bye!

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