Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Back To School/Fall Trends August 2013

Besides running from class to class at school, I have been glimpsing some very fun trends for early fall which I have decided to include in a post. Please keep in mind that the trends I have seen at my school might be slightly different, if not drastically, at yours, so please feel free to look around at your own surroundings for a clearer impact of what the trends are like at the moment. :)

First up is the "space" trend. I have been seeing this one a lot on the internet lately, and I was quite surprised, (and very pleased) that they were wearing it in school too. Besides on tops, pants, and dresses, I also saw it on school bags, and even as decor in several teacher's classrooms! This is a fantastic dress from Pixie Market, and of you are interested in purchasing it, here is the link.

This trend, unlike the space trend, is one that I just discovered at school instead of on the internet. It is the neon yellow trend. I have been seeing this one mostly on boys, which is why I decided to include this shirt from Bike24 (here is the link, by the way) into the mix. For girls, especially those of you who want to keep up with the printed t-shirt trend, here is a very cute GEEK top from Chiara Fashion, pictured above.

I've been seeing a lot of animal print, particularly leopard print, and particularly on scarves, but I could only find some pretty cheap looking scarves on the internet, so I decided to look for something else that you guys could wear when leopard print isn't as big without looking out of style. At Forever 21, I found this awesome set of bangles. Here is the page for purchasing it, and as you can see, they call it an "Animal Print Bangle Set". Not necessarily leopard, but the leopard print looks like the most prominent. Plus, you can wear all the bangles or mix them up in different combinations. Great choice!

So that is it for my back to school trend post. I will try and do more of these as the year progresses, and I am even thinking of making it a weekly or monthly post, but I'll have to think more on that. Until my next post... Bye!

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