Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Today's Hair: Dutch Marries Messy

As promised I am doing this hair post - the hairstyle you all got a look at in this outfit post. If you have already seen it, (my outfit post, I mean) then you might have noticed that the hairstyle wasn't really clearly depicted. I wanted to do a separate post on it, and here it is.

The story behind this hairy (haha) masterpiece it this. I was just sitting in on rehearsals for my dance company the other day, and a friend of mine, who was sitting with me, asked me if I had cut my hair, as a lot of girls do for the summer. When I answered "no", she (the same person who had done my hair on several other occasions) immediately asked to do it. Of course, I couldn't resist, since she is literally - one of the best hairstylists I know - so I let my hair down (ballet = hair up) and she got to work. 

The hairstyle, from what she told me, is basically a dutch braid around my head, and then around it is wound a thinner, simpler braid. Fantastique!
I love the messy quality of this hairstyle. It really looks fantastic - and I can't want for my next braided masterpiece.

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