Saturday, August 3, 2013

Summer Street Style Spotted In Dallas

I was in Dallas today, and as I was hopping on and off trams, looking at museums, and just enjoying the very interesting world of downtown Dallas, I saw some very inspiring outfits - also known as street style. I photographed a sampling of what I saw, and through these pictures, I believe I can very well determine the trends that are passing through late summer this year. These pictures aren't anything like the Fashion Week street style photos, but still, this is my first street style post, and I am sure it won't be my last!

As soon as I saw this, I was instantly hooked. This girl used sneakers - basically my arch enemy - in her outfit, but it didn't turn out as a universal hoopla. She made sure to combine her sneaker's blue coloring with a neon top, shorts, and what I presume is a Vera Bradley bag. The overall effect was relaxed, summery, and most importantly, chic. I will definitely use this as outfit-for-sneakers inspiration in the future.

White pants, or jeans, are basically one of my staples not only for the summer months, but for all year round. (Too bad the rest of the fashion world doesn't keep up with me!) A lot of people like to wear white pants as a spring/summer look, and I must say, combines with a patterned top, this is really pretty and feminine.

Couldn't really get a clear shot of this one, but it basically was a simple, basic cap-sleeved t-shirt, faded blue jeans, and a black leather purse with silver hardware. I wouldn't really wear this during the summer, as t-shirts and jeans don't really appeal to me in the heat, (at least when I'm in Texas) but I would definitely look at something like this for a school look. All you have to do is add some boots, jewelry, and rock the halls!

For some reason, this outfit, with it's butterfly top, red shorts, turquoise flats, and crocheted bag, really appeals to me. And, since I do have more than one shot of this particular combo, you might have realized that it is my favorite out of all the outfits I posted.

Of course, if you would rather stick to less-bright outfits, you can easily look to the turquoise top, navy shorts, tan moccasins, and clutch. Although I do like the "butterfly" outfit more, if I would wear this, I would combine the butterfly top with the navy shorts, as well as add the crocheted bag and turquoise flats for a muted, yet fun look.

Overall, I would say that bold colors, as well as some prints are in. I'm not sure if your area is any different, but the best place to find out is ....... around you. Look around you, as well as read blogs, magazines, ect. to get a good idea of the trends. Just remember that the trends in the magazines may not even be the trends at school on your street, or just around you. The key is to combine ideas anytime you can, to make your own combo of trends, as well as stay true to your personal style. If you see a trend anywhere, think if you really want to wear it before you go out and spend all you money on a trend that will go out soon, or even worse, one that you, deep inside, don't really like. Hope you enjoyed this post!

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