Saturday, June 1, 2013

Wooded Wonderland

Shirt; Tommy Hilfiger, Denim Skirt; Vintage, Shoes; Prabal Gurung

The other day my sister and I rode our bikes to a wooded area near our home. I had a pack of clothes, she had a pack of shoes, and we both had the same motive. We wanted to take pictures. We took a few sets, and, oddly, the last set is the first one I am showing you. I just love the soft, dreamy lighting of these pictures. Recently I have been working on not editing photos at all, and I love that with these photos, the dreamlike finish was the product of the sun shining through the trees at just the right angle.
 In the heat of summer, it is probably a bad idea to go out with a long denim skirt. Well, actually, it turned out quite well. That skirt is from the eighties, so it's pretty old. Old = Worn. Worn = Thin. So it was't that hot, but I did get some odd stares from a few people on the sidewalk. ;) As a last note, I did get a lot of chigger bites. I counted twenty nine all over me. Pretty staggering compared to what I used to get before, which was only about five to seven bites at a time. But I still think that the photos were worth it. :)

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