Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Who Cares If It's Sneakers?

T-shirt, Old Navy, Skirt; Old Navy, Sneakers
I went to the Dallas International Festival the other day, and I wore a t-shirt, skirt, and sneakers. I hate them. There, I've said it. I hate the clunky profile, the wacky colors, the clumsy feeling you get when you put them on....... I could honestly go on forever. As I'm not allowed to wear the kind that are high tops, my dislike is fueled even more. Sadly, when the rainy day dawned, I had no choice but to wear the pair. I would have worn a particular pair of matchy-matchy wedge heels, but if you guys have ever heard a "no" from a parent in terms of dressing, you feel my pain. So it was set to wear shorts and sneakers until I had a brainstorm of an idea about wearing a skirt in place of shorts.
A skirt is considered a feminine piece. It is a symbol of sweetheart dressing, and usually worn with feminine footwear such as heels, sandals, or in cold weather, boots. I never wore my skirts with sneakers. Never. Until then. When I tried on the outfit, I had an urge to pull it off. I hated it. But then, as I looked at it further, I noticed the pop of color added my the sneakers. The difference in what I had always worn. And, even tough I was scared to, I wore it. 

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