Thursday, May 9, 2013

I Brought My Stripes Back To Me

Sweater; Old Navy, Skirt; Old Navy, Shoes; American Eagle.

It saddens me a little to see my favorite trends go out. It's like a candle burning bright in a sea of candles, and then going out as new candles light up. 
I loved the stripes trend in early spring, but, like any other trend, it soon diminished, and new trends took it's place and right now fashion is leaning towards the lighter, freer fabrics for late spring. This outfit is my attempt to pull back the trend in a way so as to have stripes without the 1960s feel to them. A light, net, cap-sleeved sweater with emerald-green stripes was the perfect answer to my call. Paired with two staples of mine, these wedge heels and a favorite cream pleated skirt of mine, the stripes were set off in a new way. They looked like well, stripes, but they also were lighter and freer looking than the typical block-like design.

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