Monday, May 27, 2013

Spring Filled Patterns

Dress; Vintage, Necklace; Vintage, Bracelet; Vintage, Shoes Sketchers

I would say that this outfit is quite different from what I am used to wearing in the springtime. I guess it is even more like a fall outfit. However, I believe that if you like something, you have the choice of when to wear it. With this dress, I chose now. The sole thing that I don't like about the dress is the back ribbon, which I think is a bit widening, but I am willing to overlook that for the awesomely cheering pattern. Love the jewelry, but, then again, don't applaud the shoes very much. I would have worn my Prabal Gurung ones, but those are sky-high, pretty inappropriate for my day of activeness. Nevertheless, I definitely love love love this outfit. 
Below is a nail look you probably have already seen if you have read this post. If you haven't though, feel welcome to click the link where you can view more photos and also find how I created this look.

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