Friday, May 24, 2013

I Am Showing You My Latest Manicure

Hi Guys! Sorry about the lack of posts this month, but with the month of May bringing finals, recitals, and who knows what else, I haven't had much time to spend working on the blog. I have been doing a few posts on my other blog though, so feel free to check them out.
As you guys have probably already realized, I really love nail art, but I'm not that kind of pro with nail polish. I did my nails yesterday, and, miraculously, (for me) they haven't chipped, so I photographed them. I would say this is my first real nail art piece. For the fist time ever I have actually been able to do all ten of my nails and get acceptable results. Quite a feat, doing my left hand with my right (I'm a lefty), but I managed it. Polka-dotted nails are so not "in" right now, but honestly, who cares? I have always been known for exploring either the trends that are coming or the trends that burned out ages ago. In my mind, I'm a free person, and although I keep watch for the trends, I use them for inspiration not dictation. See?
Obviously, I first used a base coat. Afterwards, I topped it with a nude/tan colored nail polish. After I waited for the color to completely dry, I applied a stripe of slightly glittery black nail polish. Make sure your's is taking up about 50 to 75% of your nail space. I added a shimmery dot of red at the top of the stripe, (something that's not visible in these photos) and then applied white dots in a sort of diamond formation around the red. Seal the design in with a topcoat, and you're done! 
One more thing though, here's a tip for making perfect dots. You just need to hold the nail polish brush so the tip is parallel to the surface of your nail. Carefully dab the round tip of your brush on the desired spot, and you have a perfect dot! When applying the color though, be sure that you don't have a huge glob of product on the brush. Just remove some polish off the rim of the bottle, all the while making sure that you result with a round tip.

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