Thursday, June 27, 2013

Review: Rimmel London ScandalEyes Eyeshadowstick in Guilty Gray

I recently discovered this little gem while shopping for "gray" makeup. I usually wouldn't wear such a dramatic shadow, but this time I had a dance performance where I had to wear grayish makeup to look ghostly. (We were doing a piece choreographed by the director of our school, but that's a different story.) Anyway, I wore this shadow on my lids for the entire day of rehearsals, as well as the actual performance. I had watched Fleur De Force's Rimmel Video, and I had seen this product featured as a certain favorite. She said the only downside to the products was that they didn't have many wearable colors. In fact, they only had one neutral, everyday color, and that was it. Of course, I didn't need a wearable color for the occasion, I just needed a gray color. So I was really happy when I discovered that they did have a gray shade - "Guilty Gray", in fact. The formula is meant to stay on for quite a while, about 24 hours, and although I didn't actually test the 24 hour claim, I can say that the formula stayed on beautifully - despite the  sweat. :)

Below is a color swatch, and as you can see, it is quite a high pigmented color. 
Overall, I think that this is a very good product, but I do share Fleur de Force's view on the fact that they didn't do a good job of actually including more wearable shades. I would like to buy the neutral shade though, although I'm not sure if I will. I do like the idea of a waterproof eyeshadow I will be able to wear to the pool and such, without worrying about my makeup running. (Kind of ironic, I guess, since summer started, I haven't been wearing any makeup at all, except for a few occasions.) ;)

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