Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Beauty Rush: Face Mapping

 As a beauty vlogger/blogger, I am constantly on the hunt for beauty tips. Only, the irony is that it's so difficult to find beauty tips that aren't the obvious. I mean, I'm not complaining, but it's just that when you have spent time devouring web pages of tips, you find that they repeat themselves. It get's pretty annoying when you keep looking, hoping to leave more than a scratch on the surface, yet you're unable to make the tiniest dent. But recently though, with the help of some very reliable bloggers, vloggers, makeup artists, and books, I have been able to make, well, a good sized dent in the miles of deep mass beauty academics. That's why I am launching a brand new series on my blog called Beauty Rush. Well, I wouldn't really call it a series, it's more like an unlimited number of posts that really have only one thing in common. They are all under-the-surface beauty tips. The ones you really have to dig for. 
Only, here's the thing. If you have come here, you can do the rest of your digging at this site.

For my first post, I have employed the help of several sources. Lauren Conrad for giving me the idea, Style.com for providing this photo, and Karlie Kloss for having this lovely photo taken of her, so I could use it for this memorable post.

As a teen, I am someone who is dealing with acne. Dealing, not really struggling. If you have ever seen an image of me, you would see that I have mild acne, but it's not that bad, and although I could very well cover it up, I haven't. Not yet. 
I have long been familiar with face maps. If you haven't heard of them, you might be interested to know that they are simply faces - photographed or drawn - that map out acne. According to Eastern medicine, breakouts in certain areas of the face are the result of breathing polluted air, stress, and overindulgence. Below is my guide to the areas of your face, and what is happening when you see acne in a specific spot.

Forehead - Triggered by stress or lack of sleep
Try to make your life easier every day by treating yourself to something every day. Whether it is a few precious minutes to read a certain book, or a five-minute facial, give yourself a treat because, well, if you have acne in that area, then girl, you deserve it. Also, try to get more sleep. On weekends, use the time to go to bed early and just sleep as long as you can the next day. It helps.

Above Brows - Low Immune System
Breakouts here appear before, during, or after a cold or flu. 

Between Brows - Over indulgence
If you have acne here, you need to cut back on sugar, rich foods, and, if you are consuming it, alcohol. Try eating sweets slower while savoring the taste, and you will find that you don't want as many.

Cheeks - Low lung quality
If you are smoking and/or breathing polluted air, then you have acne in this area. Thankfully, for me, this area of my face has remained unscathed, since I live in the suburbs, where polluted air is non-existent, and I'm far from a smoker. :)

Sides of Chin, Temples - Hormones
These areas of your face are affected by hormones. Breakouts occur around the time of your period and more on one side depending on which ovary is ovulating that month. If you have acne in these areas, never fear! They will disappear! Well, most likely. LOL

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