Wednesday, October 31, 2012

What Did She Wear? First Chill Of The Season

Handbag; Nine West, Sweater; Next Era; Pants; Cherokee, Sneakers; N-Fuse.
I did these photos a couple of days ago, but I decided to show you all today. The weather was quite cold, for me anyway. I dug out this sweater and decided to wear my grey sneakers. My sister and I went outside to take these photos, and Lusa, our cat, decided to rub herself in! 

Detail of my Nine West. I will be doing a What's In My Bag post soon, so you will discover why I have that charm.

I have been wearing these sneakers for quite a while. I like to wear them with a stylish outfit like this, and I have a second pair for those other times that sneakers are typically worn for.

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