Friday, October 26, 2012

Pen and Ink By Grace Coddington

   Honestly, when it comes to my favorite person in the Vogue offices, I can't really decide. I have a couple of people whose style and talent I really admire, but when it comes to picking someone who I can (almost) refer to, I choose (drum roll please) Grace Coddington.

   She is simply amazing, artistic, and amazing. Seriously, I find it quite difficult to describe this particular fashion editor who has inspired me so much. Recently, you might have picked up her newly published book, "Grace".
   It it, she described her epic life in fashion, from starting as a model in Great Britian to her current haven in Vogue. Also, she also included a number of drawings she had done herself, inspired by happening and loves in her perspective.
   Some of the photos were shown to the public on, but I found it very difficult to decide on my favorite.
Click here to view the drawings.

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