Saturday, October 6, 2012

Forever 21 Bejeweled Frond Necklace

   I actually wrote this post about a week or so ago, and I saw it today and I decided to put it up for you. (Please keep in mind that this was before I went to Forever 21 a couple of days ago.
While on I saw this beautiful necklace that I just had to show you all. I love Forever 21 jewelry and I am sometimes on the online store just looking at their beautiful necklaces, earring, bracelets, and so on. This necklace really caught my eye because of it's beautiful, vintage quality. There was a pink and gold one but this one is really my favorite, probably because of how beautiful the jade color goes with the gold.

I like how it has this gold fern-type of pendant in the center surrounded by all those baubles, the way they designed that really caught my eye. The price is really good, only about six dollars, and I will be looking for it the next time I go to Forever 21. (I usually don't like to shop online.)

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