Monday, October 8, 2012

Valentino Spring 2013 RTW Favorites

   Valentino is famous for it's feminine-with-an-edge style and I love it because of just that. In this Fall collection, I still saw the classic Valentino design, but with a slight difference. In almost every piece, models flashed a bit or more of skin.
   Not a lot in some, but in others, a little more. It is not usually done in Valentino, but I think that is was good how they tweaked their show just a little to showcase something new.

A red and sultry coat dress, very bold and very Valentino.

You know how they make paper snowflakes by cutting paper? This dress reminds me of one big, wrapped paper snowflake.
A very "simple" kind of dress, only with a unique bodice.
More simplicity, only in black.
I love how this looks like a spiderweb has somehow formed itself into a clinging dress. It is pretty but still showing that skin.
This dress is a lot like Spring, only it has a slight edge to it. Notice the silver linings. 
A very light and delicately cut dress, gracefully cut and beautifully made.
I really like how this dress has a layered look, almost as if it was 3D paper.
If you have watched Snow White and the Huntsman, (like me) you probably would be reminded of Ravenna when you look at this dress. Only with a different, more airy turn.
For the Fall Valentino show, the last dress was a dark cut beauty. For Spring, an equally amazing dress was designed, but still reflecting a new color and flavor.

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