Saturday, October 6, 2012

Alexander McQueen Spring 2013 RTW

   If I really love a certain collection, I write it up. I have never before written something on Alexander McQueen, until now. I don't really know why I liked this collection so much, maybe it was because of the theme, honeybees, or was it sheer creativity?
   Whatever the reason, I think that this collection holds a totally new and unique quality. Beekeeper inspired hats, oodles of net fabric made to look like honeycombs, and so on. I don't even think that this has been seen anywhere, in any fashion houses or studios. It is a truly unique and wonderful collection.

In this piece, I see "honey" and burnt "honeycombs". It is very interesting.
Like the suit before, it reflects honeycombs, but now in printed fabric.
This dress looks a lot like a beekeeper - a very stylish one though!

In this off-the-shoulder gown, you can just see the honeycombs peeking out of the frothy fabric.
Now, instead of honeycombs, beekeepers, or honey, this dress reflects the main ingredient - blossoming flowers.
More flowers, but as a impact-making finale, in white.

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