Sunday, October 28, 2012

On My Life - My Favorite Makeup Brushes

 I don't have a ton of brushes, I have some from different brands, and of course I have my very favorites - my Eco-tools brushes. Eco-tools is a brand that produces brushes that are earth friendly, using all-natural products and ingredients. I love my Eco-tools brush set, consisting of five wonderful brushes I use almost every day.

I thought it would be nice to show the label on the brush case. It is pretty "green" in itself, the cloth is pretty rough and it is sown on the case.

The brush case, closed.

The brush case, all open.

The five brushes. Blush, eye, liner, lip, and concealer.

My very favorite brush in this selection, and probably in my entire brush collection, is this blush brush. It is so incredibly soft and easy to use. Although I often us this as a blush applicator, I more often use it as my powder brush.

The eyeshadow brush is a kind of rounded brush, perfect for an all-over eye application. I also like to use it as a sort of blending brush for my eyes.

I use this brush for applying a layer of eyeshadow near my lashline as precisely as possible.

For me, a lot of times it is a lot easier to apply a lipstick with a lipbrush. For the lighter, more natural looking ones I tend to go without a brush but for a darker shade it is better to use this.

I really love using this tiny, delicate brush for everything from my concealer application to detail on my eyes. It is very stiff.

When I was photographing my brushes I took this last photo on an artistic impulse. I like how it turned out.

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