Friday, December 13, 2013

Glitter Over The Top

Glitter is taking over. Glitter is showing its never dulling self on faces, jewelry, craft boxes, and now on clothing. For me, whenever I think of glitter I think of silver glitter, and whenever I think of glitter, I think of Andy Warhol and his factory. The intentionally over-the-top, aluminium-like silver, instantly makes me think; "Okay, it's not necessarily the minimal glitter I'm used to, but it's better." These photographs make me feel like the future is coming decades early. You remember the cold metallic look of the futuristic films? Clean silver and white, and sheen to materials. Movies like The Host, The Hunger GamesGuardians of the Galaxy, and others all display that future look. Which makes me think of silver glitter. Of course, not all of these images consist of just silver glitter, but they all convey a sense of party, the future, and I love them.

Photo Credits; Vogue

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