Friday, October 25, 2013

Vogue Fashion Assistant Alexandra Cronan Showcases Color and Style In The Bleak But Culture Ridden Big Apple

Why do we read fashion blogs? We all have our own reasons, my personal reason, as well as the reason I think most people go by, is to get style inspiration for my clothing, an idea of what is currently going on in the artistic world, and just to get some inspiration. Whatever your reason, for those of you who are keen to see what is being worn, or if you are otherwise bored with my classic clean slate look. As you all know, I am obsessed very interested in Vogue's Five Days Five Looks One Girl spreads. There is no better place to look to for inspiration than the streets of New York, and there are no better style icons in the Big Apple than the girls in the Vogue offices. This said series centers around one Vogue employee every two to four weeks, and the spread is a detailed account of five outfits worn in five workdays. It's pretty amazing to not only get a vision of an Wintour approved outfit, but also read about the great stories behind each piece. That said, here is one on of my very favorite outfits worn by Vogue Fashion Assistant Alexandra Cronan.

"When I was back in London this past summer, I went to Portobello Road Market and came across this kimono.  It was such a great find and cost only around $30.  My striped top is Marks & Spencer, and my jeans are Acne Studios.  They belonged to my boyfriend, and he gave them to me a year or so ago.  Now they are the only pair I wear; the thought of putting on a skinny jean sounds so unappealing.  My shoes are Aquazzura.  I like to invest in shoes, but try to stay thrifty when it comes to clothes. I like shopping on the high street, but love, love, love discovering great vintage pieces. Since moving to New York, I have found a couple of incredible vintage stores that I visit frequently.  My bag is from the Kooples—it was a Christmas present from my father a few years ago."
Alexandra Cronan

Yes, this outfit is colorful, but it still maintains the Fall Fashion look. I truly would love each and every one of these pieces, and the fact that they look so easy to wear together and separately makes them even more appealing.

"My sunglasses are Rag & Bone.  As for my hair, it’s always been long.  And I just shampoo and condition it every third day, and then add a center part."
- Alexandra Cronan

The pattern of this jacket certainly reminds me of my native Ukraine. If you visit any bazaar while there, you will definitely see this style flower pattern painted on souvenirs - from the old-time ladles to the traditional Matroshka, these flowers are a popular motif. 

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