Wednesday, October 9, 2013

3 Days 3 Tops One Girl

I've been loving Vogue's Five Days, Five Looks, One Girl series, and since I don't really have much time to talk about it, I will leave you guys a link here to see the series on Anyway, inspired by this series, I put together a short but sweet post with the three top looks I've been wearing for these past few days. I understand that it might be just a mite boring to show just my tops, so keep in mind that I am also showing how I am accessorizing my tops. So my point is... keep reading!

This is a top that I decided didn't need any accessorizing because of the print. This Old Navy top is one that I've had my eye on for months... only not in the store, on line, or anywhere like that. My Mom actually had it in her closet, and I was harboring a secret sense of clothing envy ever since she got it. Anyway, all of a sudden she gave it to me, and I wore it to school the very next day.

This is a really pretty tank that I got on a Labor Day shopping spree in which I took a huge advantage of the sales. The necklace is actually pretty cool. I got it as a gift from some family friends who went to Mexico, and they brought me back this necklace which is made entirely from beans dyed the suitable colors. I mean, how cool is that?

Another necklace, this time it's paper beads. I know this is so much like a spring or summer look, very much the last one, actually, but this weather is just dragging me towards light, colorful pieces, even though the fashion trends are directing us towards richer, darker tones.

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