Thursday, October 10, 2013

Autumnal Dressing With Florals

First of all, I usually put the brands of my clothing just underneath the first photo, but this time I took a cue from Chiara Ferragani and decided to put that certain text at the end of my post. I believe that it will give you all a chance to scroll through all of my photos and still see the brands and things that I was wearing.
 I truly don't really like going for a red lip, mostly because I think that whenever I smile it looks like my mouth, (and braces) take over my face and leave out everything else. However, when I used two colors to mix this shade, I think it really brightens my entire face up. That is basically what you want your perfect red lip color to do, so I couldn't help but wear it with this outfit. Another great love of mine is the dress from Rue 21. I was in Hillsborough, Texas for a few days this summer to perform at their annual Westfest festival. While there, I decided to take advantage of the amazing Labor Day sales they had at literally every store in their shopping mall. I visited Pac Sun, Ralph Lauren, Burks, and of course, Rue 21, for the first time. I had heard about the store but I had never actually visited it, so I was surprised to find that the store is literally the punk girl's paradise. The entire store is filled with rocker chic punk themed clothing, and through some search I was able to pick up some awesome pieces for next to nothing. This particular dress was chosen by my shopping partner who is a very good friend of mine. She picked it up for herself, but then when she tried it on she realized it was a little short for her frame (she is beautifully tall) and suggested that I try it on. I did so, and it was love at first sight. I have to admit that this dress was one of the more muted, feminine pieces in the store, but I did pick up some punkish pieces that I will certainly try and wear in future posts. Another thing I love about this outfit is the boots. I got these boots last winter, and I can certainly say that they are truly my favorite pair. They are ideally comfortable, buttery soft, and have the best fit ever... There's really no reason for me not to love them.
P.S. The lighting is sort of funny... scroll down and you'll see a few pictures of me with a pretty prominent red eye.

Dress; Rue 21, Boots; Mossimo Supply Co., Necklace; Vintage, Bracelet; Forever 21